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Els May Skip the World Golf Championship

HONOLULU -- Ernie Els has shown up for every World Golf Championship that counts toward official money since the series began in 1999.
That streak is in doubt with the Match Play Championship only a month away.
Els said there is a 'half chance' he will skip the tournament, staying home in South Africa instead of a trip halfway around the world for a format (18 holes) he doesn't like on a course (La Costa) he likes even less.
Current Match Play Bracket
Els plays next week in Thailand, then has two tournaments in Australia before a two-week break at home in South Africa.
'Then you've got a 27-hour flight to maybe play one match,' Els said, who is defending champion at Dubai the week after Match Play. 'It's a long way to go.'
Els has won the World Match Play Championship in England a record five times, but those are 36-hole matches, albeit against a limited field.
The WGC version has 64 players who play 18-hole matches until the finals. The format has led to some unpredictable results. Tiger Woods is the only player ranked in the top 10 to have won the Accenture Match Play Championship.
Els has been beaten twice in the first round, and twice in the second round at La Costa. When it was played at Metropolitan in Australia, he made it to the semifinals.
Although he doesn't care for La Costa, the Big Easy is more upset that the PGA Tour refuses to move the tournaments around the world.
'I would like to see that tournament move,' he said. 'If it's a World Golf Championship event, why play there every year? They should move it around. Right now, they only have one (American Express) that moves.'
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