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Hallberg Relives Wacky Tiger-like Moment

Gary Hallberg made one of the wackiest pars on the PGA TOUR, a story he relives a couple of times a year. It came up again last week when Tiger Woods hit a 9-iron that went onto and over the clubhouse roof at Firestone.
Hallberg once hit a shot that stayed on the roof -- and he played it from there in the 1982 Bob Hope Classic.
'I had an uphill lie on the 16th hole at Indian Wells,' Hallberg said. 'I had 150 yards to the hole, took a smooth 7-iron and got a flyer. I thought, 'Oh, geez, that's out of here.''
Hallberg still hasn't seen Woods' shot, but his reaction was similar. He thought it was out-of-bounds.
'The clubhouse wasn't out-of-bounds,' he said in a telephone interview Sunday night. 'My drop would have been in the rocks, or I could take an unplayable (lie) and go back to the fairway. The rules official said, 'Or you could play it.' And he was chuckling.'
Hallberg decided to check out his lie on the roof, so he found the club manager, who was working at a barbecue for guests. They got a ladder, climbed onto the roof and saw the ball in a bed of gravel and tar.
'There were two palm trees between me and the green,' Hallberg said. 'I had 60 or 70 yards, and I hit it about 30 feet past the hole. I missed every putt that day. But I made that one.'
Hallberg said the gallery went crazy when he climbed onto the roof. And when he made the putt?
'It was the biggest roar I had ever heard for me,' he said.