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A long road to tour for 40 year old Englishman

HONOLULU (AP)—Gary Christian is among 11 players at the Sony Open who areplaying on the PGA Tour for the first time.

It’s a route to the big leagues unlike the others.

He worked as a pension administrator outside London when he finished highschools, two miserable years spared only by the fact his office was down thestreet from a pub, where he could extend his lunch hour.

He somehow landed at Auburn, where he couldn’t understand the fascination of“alleged amateur American football” until he was invited to his first tailgateparty.

When he decided to see if he was good enough to play golf for a living, hesupported himself by going door-to-door selling steak knives. And after toiling15 years in the minor leagues, the 40-year-old finally gets his shot.