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Masters Protest Decision Coming Next Week

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- County officials met Friday to discuss Martha Burk's request to protest at the Masters, but they won't make a decision until next week.
Burk, lead critic of Augusta National Golf Club's all-male membership, wants permission for a group to protest April 12 during the third round.
Also Friday, Burk told the Daily News in New York that she's sending a letter to CBS president Les Moonves asking the network to review its decision to broadcast the Masters.
'We want to make the case that broadcasting the tournament is not in the public's interest, and they're obliged to act in the public interest according to their FCC license,' said Burk, chair of the National Council of Women's Organizations.
She said the group has not taken steps to challenge CBS through the FCC. 'It's been talked about, but to say there's a plan at this point would be overstating it,' Burk said.
Twenty-four people would protest at the gate to Magnolia Lane and 200 others would stand along Washington Road, the main thoroughfare for Masters visitors across the street from the club.
Sheriff Ronald Strength said allowing demonstrations on the road could pose a safety hazard.
'It's very dangerous with the thousands and thousands of people we have on one sidewalk,' Strength said. 'But we have not slammed the door on anything.'
Strength said his deputies will take a second look at the gate area early next week before replying to Burk. Jim Wall, attorney for Augusta-Richmond County, also is reviewing the permit request.
'We're going to be open-minded and make the best decisions based on public safety,' Strength said.
Burk plans to sue if she and the county can't agree on a protest site.
'We think it's a very reasonable request and we hope the sheriff will view it the same way,' Burk said.
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