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Road Work Stops for Masters Week

The Department of Transportation suspended work on a 22-mile Interstate resurfacing project this week, hoping to prevent traffic jams as visitors arrive for the Masters.
Work on Interstate 20 is ``completely shutting down,'' the department of transportation's Rusty Merritt said. The project will resume April 16, two days after the tournament ends.
'Historically we always have increased traffic as people come in to the tournament,'' Merritt said. ``It would be just an impossible task with any kind of lane closures.'
The construction started in October and has caused lane closings and a speed limit change in the area from 70 to 60 mph. The lower speed limit will not change for Masters week.
The resurfacing is expected to be finished in July 2003. Work will be suspended for the Masters next year, too, Merritt said.
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