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Singh Goes Conventional

04 Mercedes ChampionshipsKAPALUA, Hawaii -- Vijay Singh has spent years perfecting his swing.
Putting might be an eternal work in progress.
'I think putting is always my problem,' he said. 'Not a problem. I'm not a bad putter. I'm just not a great putter.'
Singh used a Dandy putter when he won the 2000 Masters, then ditched it a few months later. He had his best season last year, winning four times and the money title, using a belly putter.
When he arrived at Kapalua, he was using a conventional-sized putter.
'I feel very comfortable with it,' he said. 'I don't know if I have enough nerve to take it out there and try it out. But I'm going to give myself probably three, four weeks and see how it's going. I'm not putting poorly, I just need to make more putts.'
Why change?
Singh said the belly putter, in which the end of the grip anchors to his stomach, allowed him to not worry about his stroke. He was more consistent, especially with his distance.
But he is always searching for greatness, and he's had better putting rounds with a conventional putter.
'I've been streakier with the conventional putter,' he said. 'I'd go three, four weeks, putt really well, then not putt again for probably a month. I have more better days with the conventional putter, but I've been more consistent with the belly putter. I cannot figure out which is better.'
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