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Three Injured in Wind-Related Incidents

36th Ryder Cup MatchesDUBLIN, Ireland -- Three people at the Ryder Cup were injured Thursday night in accidents caused by high wind, police said.
The Garda Siochana, Ireland's national police force, said a tree on the main avenue of The K Club was blown over, injuring a woman. Two men were injured when a temporary wall was knocked down at one of the bus terminals ferrying fans to distant parking lots.
Police said none of the people sustained critical injuries.
'Immediate action was taken to remove any remaining spectators from the site. The site has now been secured and is subject to safety inspections,' the Garda Siochana said. 'As of now, no disruption is anticipated to tomorrow's schedule of events at The K Club.'
The accidents happened about 4 hours after the opening ceremonies for the competition that will open Friday. Heavy wind and rain caused by the remnants of Hurricane Gordon have bedeviled the Ryder Cup preparations, although the opening ceremony went ahead outdoors without a hitch thanks to a break in the bad weather.
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