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Wedding Band Found in Golf Glove

BECKLEY, W.Va. -- Roger Sherman got more than a new golf glove for Christmas.
When he tried it on, the glove seemed a bit snug, and a small lump caught his attention.
Inside was a man's wedding band.
'At first, I thought mine must have slipped off when I tried on the glove. Then I realized mine was still on my finger,' Sherman said.
The simple gold band bears an inscription only the owner would know, he said.
The glove was purchased at a Beckley sporting goods store. No one had inquired at the store about a missing ring, Sherman said.
'My guess is that someone tried the glove on and didn't even realize they lost the ring. When they realized it was missing, they wouldn't have thought about losing it in a golf glove,' Sherman said.
Golf gloves are sold in individually wrapped packages, so it's also possible the owner could have lost the ring at the factory where the glove was made.
'I'd like to help reunite this ring with its owner,' he said. 'It would be an awful disappointment to lose your wedding ring.'
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