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Wie Revels in First British Appearance

USGAFORMBY, England -- Michelle Wie has already accomplished one goal in her first appearance in Britain.
'The one thing I wanted to see in England was a pot bunker and when we went to Hoylake I saw one,' she said. 'I was really excited. But after I've been in it, I never want to see another one again.
'We don't have any in the United States. And it is so different. It is a whole different adventure.'
It's all new for the 14-year-old Wie, who is playing for the United States in her first Curtis Cup this weekend. She's the youngest player ever to compete in the biennial amateur competition between teams from America and Great Britain & Ireland.
'I'm really excited,' she said Thursday. 'It's so great to be playing for my country. I feel very proud of myself for making it this far.'
Nervous? Hardly.
'I think I might be a little bit nervous this time, but I'm going to have a really good time so I probably won't even notice,' Wie said.
For most England fans, it's the first chance to see the 6-foot, ninth-grader from Hawaii, who has twice contended for majors on the LPGA Tour and came within a shot of making the cut against the men on the PGA Tour.
Some 6,000 fans are expected at Formby on Saturday and Sunday when the United States will try to retain the Cup.
'I'm glad it's totally different because it's a whole new experience just living it and having fun,' Wie said.
The 6,375-yard course is proving to be a real test for Wie and the other seven members of the U.S. team.
'For me it's such a beautiful course and you always have to keep the ball in play,' she said. 'I was surprised when I got here because I'd been told how short it is. But it's not really that short.'
Wie used the driver only twice in practice Thursday, on the second and 18th holes.
The competition comprises three foursomes - or alternate shot - matches each morning and six singles each afternoon.
Wie said the team format was a welcome change.
'Playing for yourself is very selfish and quite lonely but when you play as a team it's a lot more fun,' she said.
U.S. captain Martha Kirouac was asked about the relative youth of her team. The oldest player is 22-year-old Sarah Huarte.
'Lots has been said about this team being the youngest team the USA has brought forward,' she said. 'But I think anyone watching them play forgets very quickly about the age issue. Age is not an issue with this team. They have the ability, the maturity, the total package to do what we need to do here.'
GB&I captain Ada O'Sullivan suggested that all the focus on Wie might be causing problems in the U.S. camp.
'We have already heard certain comments that some American players are not happy because they feel they are not getting the press coverage they deserve,' she said. 'All the coverage is going to Michelle.'
Kirouac denied the suggestion.
'It is not an issue,' she said. 'I'm amazed at how well everybody has come together. We've discussed the Michelle factor and it is not a problem.'
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