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Woods Agent Upset Over Tiger Billboard

DETROIT -- Tiger Woods' agent says the six billboards across Michigan featuring the golfer's likeness and calling for the passage of a state ballot proposal are out of bounds.
Mark Steinberg of the IMG agency said that neither he nor Woods gave permission to use the golfer's likeness.
'The most disappointing thing is that a political position is stated and that's just wrong, so outrageously wrong,' Steinberg is quoted as saying in a Detroit Free Press story published Saturday.
Proposal 2 asks voters to let the state borrow $1 billion to fight water pollution and beach closings. Communities could then get state loans to improve their sewer systems.
The billboards -- located in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Flint, Kalamazoo and Detroit -- feature a drawing of a golf-club-toting Woods with the words 'water hazard' in red. They show Woods spitting out murky, brown Michigan water and saying he doesn't feel 'up to par.'