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Big Break The Palm Beaches: Episode 11 Breakdown

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Big Break Ireland contestant Kelly Jacques breaks down the Season Finale of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. 



Kelly: The Finale is here!!! This season has showcased amazing golf and with Justin and Richy facing off, I know this last episode won’t disappoint!

Sara: I couldn't agree with you more Kelly! This Big Break we have seen some of the best golf shots! And these two guys in my opinion were the two best coming into the show! I'm definitely excited for this matchup!!!

Kelly: Right out of the gate Richy stuffs his approach and makes birdie to take a 1 up lead! Justin didn’t even make Richy make his birdie putt! Sara, were you as surprised as I was here? I'm sure he would have made it, but with the nerves, force him to make it!

Sara: Absolutely I was surprised... HELLO!!! The pressure of Big Break, knowing Richy had missed some short putts in previous shows, and just because it's the first hole... I would have made him putt it!

Kelly: On the second hole Richy drains his second birdie! Dang!! Way to start off the match strong! 

Sara: Both Richy and Justin are so good it wasn't surprising to me that they started out like they did... But I felt for Justin I mean to be 2 down after 2 holes that's tough especially since you aren't playing bad and you know what you are there playing for.

Kelly: After a mess up from Richy on the 6th hole, Justin capitalized and won the hole to go into the 7th only 1 down. Richy must like not losing that lead as he birdied the 7th to go back to 2 up! Sara, in your opinion do certain types of players have advantages in a match play format? I feel like both of these players play similar games so it’s hard to tell who has the upper hand!

Sara: I just had a feeling the match would be like this... For me there wasn't a clear cut better golfer. When you saw Justin win the 6th hole it looked like he had new life... And that's really important in match play because you could have the worst hole ever but only be down one... You have to shake it off and move on and that is exactly what Richy did... like you said he didn't like losing that hole! Their personalities on the golf course are very similar... Hey are both pretty laid back and don't easily get rattled which I think is a big deal when it comes to match play... You can't get to up and down in emotions and you have to play your game... 

Kelly: Justin finally turns on his game and made back to back birdies on holes 8 and 9. That’s what I love to see!!! Way to go Justin, in order to win Big Break you need to dig deep, so keep it up!

Big Break Ireland contestant Kelly Jacques breaks down Episode 8 of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET.



Sara: Justin was so patient he knew his game was good and he just needed a few putts to fall... I loved seeing that too!!! But if you pay attention to Richy he wasn't changing anything in his game or getting upset... He's keeping his cool pretty well for losing that lead and now being tied heading to the back nine!

Kelly: On the 10th hole Justin made a comment that in my opinion no golfer should ever say. I Hate playing in the rain. To me that comment seals it right there. If you make that type of comment you are already at a disadvantage mentally. Its for that exact reason, that I loved playing in poor weather because I knew I had an advantage mentally over many of the other players. 

Sara: That rain was soooo RIDICULOUS tho! It was sideways and heavy and brutal! I felt so bad for Richy and Justin! I know he said that comment and I agree as golfers we need to face all kinds of weather conditions... But some people are just better at it then others... I wasn't the best player in the rain and to be honest would probably make that same statement Hahahaha but the  good thing it didn't last long and the sun came back out but I think the course drastically changed! Now it's much longer because the fairways are wet and the greens are much softer! So it's now go time... time to pin hunt!!! 

Kelly: After that comment, Justin made me eat my words as he birdied hole 10 and 11 to make 4 birds in a row! My goodness this match is crazy back and forth! Just like that Richy won back to back holes and its back to all square! I knew this match was going to be entertaining, but dang….this finale rocks!  

Sara: BOOM!!! Maybe Justin likes the rain after all Hahahaha!!! Those birdies put him 2 up. This match is CRAZY GOOD! This is what you want a big break finale to be like!!! A lot of good competitive golf and BIRDIES!!!

Kelly: Richy heads into the 17th hole with a 1up lead. If he wins this hole the match is over! He plays like he doesn’t have any nerves whatsoever! He proceeded to stuff his tee shot and make his birdie to seal the deal!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! That is soooo clutch!!!! 

Sara: Both Richy and Justin were making the Bear Trap look easy... Headed to 17 I was cheering for Justin to win the hole because I selfishly wanted to see it go all the way to 18, but when Richy took that tee you could just see the confidence in him,.. To hit a shot that close with that kind of pressure is outstanding! And although Justin didn't hit the best of shots he gave it a good run but missed his putt and ultimately lost. 

Kelly: Congrats Richy!!!! What an awesome way to win!!!!! You played incredible and you definitely deserve it! You have the game, confidence and attitude to make it out on tour and I'm looking forward to watching that journey!!

Sara: CONGRATS to you both!!! Justin you fought hard and are a great competitor and a true gentleman on the course! BIG things are in store for you! And Richy CONGRATS CHAMP!!! Definitely a well played season and a much deserved win!!! Your skill and demeanor will take you far in this game! I can't wait to follow all that you do out on tour!!! WELCOME to the Big Break Family guys... We are glad to have you!!!