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Big Break The Palm Beaches: Episode 9 Breakdown

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Big Break Ireland contestant Kelly Jacques breaks down Episode 8 of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET.

Sara: FINAL FOUR! Richy Robert Clay and Justin! This is sure to be good!!!

Kelly: Yes we are finally down to the final 4! I truly feel like we have the 4 strongest golfers left in this competition! That only means these last few episodes are going to be AWESOME!


Sara: I agree Kel... And it definitely shows on paper for Justin, Richy and Robert with all of their accolades and well let's be serious Clay has GAME!!! This is sure to be a great episode!!! There is that nervousness we as contestants get as the players start to dwindle and that finale gets closer and closer... Oh but let's not forget Justin and Richy were told and breakfast this was the last day to use their mulligan or they would lose it... I can't wait to see what happens!

Kelly: I loved this first immunity challenge! This is the first time I’ve seen this exact challenge and I think it’s a keeper! With 5 total shots, the players had to play 2 holes and see how well they could do. This late in the game, I think it’s important to have true golf challenges incorporated!

Sara: I think you were reading my mind! I LOVE that the immunity challenge was playing GOLF! You only had 5 shots and two holes... A par 3 and a par 4... This was the first time I saw ALL the contestants show they were nervous! No shots were spectacular.

Kelly: Yea Sara I was pretty surprised that no one hit a tight one on that first shot either. But Like you said I'm sure the nerves are playing a big factor as we are getting closer and closer to the finale!

But all the players made a par on the first hole except Clay! He 3 putted from a pretty decent birdie range…WOW…what a mistake…that almost guarantees that he will not win this immunity challenge.  You want to be aggressive AND smart but unfortunately that didn’t happen this time. 

Sara: Yea Clays first putt was pretty firm for the type of challenge it is and what he's playing for! I was shocked to see Richy didn't give it a better look for birdie since he got a read from Robert... But a par was what was needed that first hole and when Clay missed I was SHOCKED!!! He's been putting great! So now Clay has one shot on the par 4 and definitely doesn't have Roberts length off the tee... So he's pretty much out!  

Kelly: I was pretty impressed with the way that Justin played that first immunity challenge! Knowing that he still had a mulligan in his pocket, he put himself in a position to know exactly what he had to do to win at the last location. He used his mulligan and it paid off. Earning himself immunity into the top 3! I like his odds to take it all!

Sara: I liked how everyone played smart off the tee... BUT I was shocked since Robert knew Justin AND Richy Still had mulligans that he didn't take out his driver and play alittle more aggressive... It was to Justin's advantage to hit in that 3rd spot after he saw Robert and Richy... He knew he wanted to hit it past them so he would be last to hit... Putting himself in great position to know exactly what he needed to do to win this challenge!!! Although Richy gave it a great effort from 160 yards Justin only had 75 and that mulligan in his pocket... Which came into good use as he stuck his mulligan ball to 4 feet! Justin is very confident in his game right now and I agree with you Kel, he may be hard to beat, BUT we both know how that Big Break Pressure can just jump up and grab you... Excited to see him play next episode!

Kelly: The short games of the remaining players were put to the test during the second immunity challenge…and they sure did hit some impressive shots! EXCEPT…Richy missed his 3ft comeback TWICE! He used his mulligan and unfortunately it did not pay off. Sara, do you think that was nerves?

Sara: Yes they did!!! That first location out of the bunker everyone hit it inside 4 feet and while Robert and Clay putted it in... Richy MISSED!!! I was literally in shock when I saw that!!! I was yelling at the tv for him to use his MULLIGAN... Seems silly to need it for a 3 foot putt but hey you have, it USE IT!!! Seems easy enough right... NOPE!!! He hits the SAME EXACT PUTT and misses AGAIN!!! WOW!!! He is definitely showing some nerves and feeling the Big Break Pressure... I think this is the first time I've seen him a little frazzled on the course.


Kelly: Clay struggled during this challenge and was the first player to ensure his spot in the elimination challenge. He has not had a good day up until this point and really needs to pull himself together in order to advance to the next show. 

Sara: For Richy to have stuck that second location after his missed putts was impressive a definite bounce back BUT Robert was right there to answer with his clutch putting! Clay is struggling in this challenge and I don't think he can make up any ground in this final location... 

Kelly: Due to Robert’s clutch putt, Richy was the one to join Clay in the elimination challenge.  Before seeing the results, my money would be on Richy. Only because we have seen how Clay crumbles a bit when he is lacking that confidence. 

Sara: That putt Robert made was HUGE but let's give it to Richy too he made a great up and down from that 3rd and final location from in between the palm trees... But ultimately Clay and Richy were in elimination and well not anything against Clay BUT Richy has wanted to play him for a few shows now and with Clay lacking confidence this show my money was on Richy too!

Kelly: Clay bogey’d the first hole due to a few compounded mistakes but if he has a solid hole 2 he can still be in it! Fight Clay! I want to see a good match!

Sara: I don't know Kelly, two holes is not very many when you get behind... And to be honest Clay got pretty lucky with that tee shot that hit the tree and he didn't take advantage... Then what was that putt? He rammed it way past the hole! Again we both have been there and when it starts to spiral out of control there is not much that you can do... Especially when you are playing with someone who is on cruise control! 

Kelly: Unfortunately for Clay, Richy was able to 2 putt the last hole to send him home and put an end to his Big Break. 

Sara: Richy played smart these two elimination holes... It made Clay have to press to make something happen and unfortunately it wasn't in the cards for Clay this time! 

Kelly: There are a lot of people who are not a fan of Clay, but I truly believe he is a great guy. I appreciate his passion and his genuine love for the game. If he learns to let his game do the talking and tighten up his play under pressure, I think he can be pretty darn good. Best of luck with everything Clay…I’ll be pulling for you!!!

Sara: Well Kelly we know what that pressure is like on Big Break and what it can do to you when you are there... Clay may not be liked by everyone BUT I'm with you I like him! He's got some major game just needs to tighten up in some areas and maybe let the clubs do more talking than his mouth! I wish you all the BEST Clay!!! Can't wait to see what's in store for you!!!