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Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL Episode 10 Breakdown

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Big Break Ireland contestant Kelly Jacques breaks down Episode 8 of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET.



Sara: The breakfast today was such a lighter feeling! I didn't feel like they were nervous or anything but that Robert, Richy, and Justin felt ready! I love that they were making fun of each other too!!! 


Kelly: You know what I love? That they are playing 6 holes of stroke play to determine the final 2! This is the most golf that we’ve seen this season and I’m looking forward to it! There is no better way to distinguish the best players than by throwing them into the Bear Trap! 


Sara: I was so excited that they were playing 6 holes and on the Bear Trap to boot!!! I love watching these 3 golf! They are GOOD!!! I have no idea who I am cheering for... I'll be sad no matter who gets kicked off!



Kelly: I’ve played those holes probably over 50 times and that 13th tee shot is not an easy one to start off with! I was sooo impressed to see them all place their drives perfectly and then stuff their approaches! These guys are coming out of the gates HOT! Despite the nerves I was surprised to see both Robert and Justin miss their short birdie attempts! Come on guys…you have to drain those if you want to play in the finale and pocket the extra $5,000!


Sara: They definitely made that hole look so easy with those approach shots!!! But the putting UGH!!! That's such a frustrating part of the game sometimes and I can only imagine when Justin and Robert missed those short putts and what they were feeling... I think you can really see nerves in people on the putting green and it's just amplified knowing what's at stake on Big Break. 



Kelly: On the second hole, Justin and Richy misread their very makeable birdies but Robert made his! I was impressed that he shook off the last putt so well and dropped this one right in the center. That’s what I like to see!


Sara: Again the display of talent between these three is remarkable! I know it's only the 2nd hole but they came to play!!! I totally agree with you Kelly about Robert... It's great to see how he bounced back to make that birdie when he had just missed a short birdie chance the last hole... We definitely have a match going on especially heading into the bear trap!!! 


Kelly: All three players are looking solid! Sara, who would you put your money on at this point? I really like Justin even though he is 1 stroke behind. He has just been so solid up to this point! It’s a toss-up for me between Robert and Richy!


Sara: I'm going with Richy! I like his game and his demeanor. He doesn't seem to get rattled easily and he just played in an elimination challenge in the last episode and won so he's felling good about his game! I'm a big fan of the other two guys as well... Like I said no matter who loses it will be sad to see them go!



Kelly: Oh no! How unfortunate that Robert’s shot plugged in the bunker. What an inopportune time for that to happen! But he is the one that put himself there…it’s not like he hit a good shot there.


Sara: I could barely watch that unfold for Robert! You are right he put himself in the bunker with a bail out type of swing BUT to get such a bad lie on the downslope plugged... That's just unlucky... And terrible timing especially since he had just made birdie on the previous hole! I felt so bad when he said he literally didn't know how to play the shot :( I think he made a wise choice to just chunk it into the bunker and try and get up and down from there... And well we all now the putt just missed again... I feel his putter is going to need to get hot these last couple of holes... 


Kelly: Especially after that double! BUT Robert came back and stuffed his approach on the fourth hole! Out of all seasons, this may be the best golf I’ve seen from the final three players! Gosh! Every time I think Robert is going to pull it off he doesn’t! I’m going to keep my mouth shut so I don’t jinx him anymore!


Sara: Absolutely all three of these guys are putting on an impressive display of iron play no doubt!!! But they all need some putts to DROP! You can tell they all want one of those final 2 spots in the finale show and they are all battling for the title of Big Break the Palm Beaches Florida!!! 



Kelly: On their fifth hole, We finally see someone make a putt over a few feet and Justin picked a perfect time to make his 7 foot par putt! That was huge! To go into their sixth hole, hole 18 with a one shot lead over Robert puts him in the driver seat!


Sara: Agreed! Justin has been misreading his putts all day and he made a little adjustment just in time because that one shot going into the final hole could keep him in the game!!!



Kelly: WHAT?! With that one shot lead, he hits his approach into the water! WOW! That really shocked me…he’still in it…but he has to dig deep.


Sara: OH MY GOSH!!!! I am as shocked as you are Kelly!!! I can't believe with a one shot lead Justin didn't play more conservative than that!!! You have got to make them make birdie! I know Robert only had about 180 yards into this par 5 BUT it's BIG BREAK HELLOOOO these are nerves that no one is used to until you are in that position!!! If I was Justin I would have laid up to that distance he had in on the first hole... I think it was like 130 or so because he's been sticking those shots all season!!!



Kelly: At this point, Robert only had 180 yards into the par 5. I thought he would stuff it but he pushed it a little but still on the putting surface. Ok…that’ll work! I’m getting nervous watching this! But it sure didn’t look like Richy had many nerves in this 6 hole match. A two putt birdie to secure his spot in the finale and he finds himself $5,000 richer as well!


Sara: Richy was definitely on cruise control! He played smart and let his clubs do the talking! Well deserved spot in the finale and my pick to WIN IT ALL!!!



Kelly: As if this episode couldn’t get any better, Justin gets up and down to save his par and Robert makes his four foot birdie to force a playoff! How exciting!


Sara: SEEEEEE what did I tell ya... Justin stuck it from that yardage like he's been doing all season!!! Should have done that the first time JUSTIN!!! Would have made it easier on you my friend!!! But now it's playoff time!!! So let's see who gets that second spot into the finale!!! 


Kelly: WHAT?! I cannot believe that in this situation Robert hits his tee ball into the water. Wow! I can’t even imagine how he felt at this point. 



Sara: I didn't even know the water came into play over there... Robert hits it so FAR!!! And although Justin's drive was not desirable it was safe and in the middle of the fairway! Both had to layup... I thought Robert was smart because he chose to layup behind Justin... He needed to stick it and put that pressure on Justin but what does he do... He hits it short of the green! This is where the nerves got to him... You could see it in his swings on this hole! 


Kelly: Yea and when Justin steps up and literally hits the flag that all but secures his position in the finale with Richy.



Sara: Yep when Robert doesn't chip in all Justin had to do was 2 putt and he did!!! And now he will be facing Richy in the finale!!! 



Kelly: What a great battle amongst all three players. I feel for Robert. He is such a solid player…and I think one of the best players from this season, if not the best. He has all the tools to make it out on tour and I have no doubt he will do just that. Best of luck Robert! I’ll be pulling for you in your journey to the PGA!


Sara: I totally agree Kelly!!! Robert you have some major game!!! Your attitude on the golf course will allow you to do great things on the PGA Tour!!! Welcome to the Big Break Family... It was a pleasure watching you play!!! Oh and by the way 3rd place isn't that bad (that's where I finished on my show too) :) 


Best of luck to Richy and Justin!!! Can't wait to crown a new Big Break Champ!!!