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Insight on Big Break Myrtle Beach Show 4

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Former Big Break Ireland competitor and LPGA/Symetra Tour professional Kelly Jacques is back to lend her insight on Big Break Myrtle Beach.  Each week, Kelly will give you her thoughts on that week’s show, including what the pressure is like, since she has been there before. She also will provide you with some behind-the-scenes info on the cast – Kelly has played alongside a few of them on the Symetra Tour the past few years.  While she has no knowledge of any results on the series, she will offer up thoughts on her favorites – and some non-favorites – on Big Break Myrtle Beach.  When not providing her Big Break commentary, Kelly works for, Golf Channel’s official online tee-times provider.

Big Break Myrtle Beach: Episode Four Blog

 With the tensions rising each week, I knew week 4 was going to deliver.  However, I didn’t realize this was the episode that Anthony emerged as a full blown villain!

“Golf is a game of honor and class. If you don’t play with these, not many people will be in your corner.”

 The day started at breakfast like usual.  Eight players had a note saying to “Play Well”. Katy H and Toph got a note saying they will each captain a team of five in the first immunity challenge. It went on to say choose well as your teammates may be your ticket to immunity. I love when they get to pick their teams! I’m sure it took all the players back to grade school recess…just don’t get picked last! Toph picked his team in the following order; Jimmy, Carolin, Dave and Anthony. Katy chose her team as Tessa, Charlie, Emily and Christian. It’s no secret that no one likes Anthony and he’s not a team player, so I’m really not surprised he was chosen last. You could tell Katy picked her team based off the player, while it seemed like Toph based his picks off of friendship. I agree that allies are important, especially when it comes to staying out of elimination, but you want to make sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance for success!



 During the first immunity challenge, the teams had to choose one player at a time to go up against a player from the other team, in a one-on-one closest to the pin challenge from 115 yards away. With each win, the winning team gets to eliminate a player from the opposing team. That eliminated player has to sit out the rest of the challenge. A team is declared the winner when they have successfully eliminated everyone from the other team. The winning team automatically moves onto next week and receives a $1,000 shopping spree courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods! Dave and Tessa were the first to square off with Tessa securing the first win, hitting it 12’11”. The winning team chose to eliminate Carolin. She was upset she didn’t get to hit. That’s only a testament to how good they think she is! Next up Charlie beat Toph, Katy beat Jimmy and Emily beat Anthony. At this point, Jimmy is the only player left on his team. He had to knock out every member of Katy’s team in order to earn his team immunity. He started off strong, beating Christian and Katy. Emily was up, and stuffed it to 8’11”. This was good enough to take out Jimmy, and earn her whole team immunity! In doing so, Charlie made it through another week without using his super immunity. Remember, this is his security blanket he won in episode one. If he finds himself in an elimination challenge before the final four, he can use this to avoid the elimination! I really enjoyed this challenge, but I was rooting for Jimmy to have an awesome come-back. Maybe next time!



 Toph, Jimmy, Carolin, Dave and Anthony move on to the second Immunity Challenge. This week they had to hit as many shots from 50-150 yards, which each shot being longer than the previous. The player who hits the most shots wins immunity and $2,500 courtesy of Macanudo! The player with the fewest shots will go straight to elimination. Anthony is up first and hits 9 consecutively longer shots. He played this almost perfectly up until his 10th shot. He had 30 more yards to work with but hit his last shot 13 yards shorter than his previous. However, nine is a great number! Jimmy was up second and ended up with 7 shots. He also had 30 more yards to work with but failed to get his 8th shot further by one yard. That has to be disappointing!  Carolin was up next and hit 5 shots successfully. She admitted she just didn’t club up when she needed. I felt bad for her because she knew she made a mental error and was extremely disappointed in herself. Golf is such a tough, emotional game….and then there is Big Break. She is normally pretty level headed on the course, but Big Break will bring out emotions that aren’t normally there. Dave was next and secured his spot in elimination with a measly score of two. Come on Dave! I understand you are trying to get the max number by keeping the yards between each shot small…but give yourself a chance! Toph rounded out the group with another strong showing! He tied Anthony at nine and put on a distance control clinic for the other competitors!  He regularly practices this ladder drill and believes this is a must for tour players. I couldn’t agree more. To break the tie, Anthony and Toph had a one-shot playoff. The player who hit it closest to the 50-yard line without going under wins immunity. Anthony hits it to 17’1” while Toph hit a nearly perfect shot to 6’11”. You can tell his style of practice really paid off for him here! Congrats Toph!



 It didn’t take long after his playoff loss for Anthony to run his mouth. He said, “Up for elimination, I would hate to send another person home”. He then proceeds to tell Dave that he has 3 people to choose from; essentially taking himself out of the equation. I just don’t get it. Anthony believes this is what being competitive looks like. News flash…you can be competitive and respectful at the same time!!! What a concept!

 Of course Dave chose Anthony to join him in elimination. I honestly feel like he didn’t even have a choice. I don’t care how good of a player someone may be. If they threaten you like that…you pick them! On the putting green Anthony goes on to wish Dave luck because this means more to Dave than it does for himself since he is a younger. That’s just going too far. You don’t insult others to build yourself up. I feel like that is exactly what he is doing here. I understand he is young, but that’s no excuse!

 For elimination, Anthony and Dave battled it out in two holes of stroke play. The first hole was a 364 yard par-4. Dave hit driver down the left side of the fairway in perfect position. Andrew found his drive in the left waste bunker. Dave hit first and flew the green from 114 yards while Anthony chunked his approach leaving himself an awkward distance. What does Anthony do??!! He hits an absolutely perfect chip and makes it for birdie!! He then looked over to the other players and pointed. Almost like warning them to take him seriously. Dave made a great 6-foot comeback putt for par which put him one down with one to play. The second hole was a 516-yard par 5. Anthony was up first and snapped it into the left bunker. With the door open, Dave blocks his drive right and into the right bunker! They both lay up short of the green and hit their third shots on the green. Anthony made a par after an easy two putt. Dave had an uphill birdie putt to tie but unfortunately pulled it to the left. That missed putt secured Dave’s elimination from Big Break Myrtle Beach.

 Anthony did wish Dave the best, but then started running his mouth again. I just don’t understand why he feels the need to prove his game through his words. Anthony…you have a great game, let that do the talking. When you take this approach, people will respect not only your game, but also you as a person!

 Golf is a game of honor and class. If you don’t play with these, not many people will be in your corner. I truly hope that he matures and realizes how far a great attitude will get you in life.

 Dave…I truly enjoyed watching you this season on Big Break. I wish you nothing but the very best!!!

 I’m hoping episode 5 is just as entertaining!

 Until next week…