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The Pressure is On Lauren.
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ORLANDO, FL - MARCH 17: Arnold Palmer rides through the crowd during the first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by MasterCard at Bay Hill Club and Lodge on March 17, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)  - 

So far, this season has shown a very interesting evolution in the world of being a Big Break contestant. Now, more than I have ever seen before, the players have placed a much higher level of importance on their social game. Sure, in seasons past there have been personality conflicts and a few strategic moves made based on social aspects. But you will see as this season moves on, a lot of choices and decisions are coming out with the fore thought of “what will the others think of me if I do this?”

We saw this with Lindsay in last week’s show. She made what I thought was an incredibly bold and ultimately smart move. She saw a weakness in her opponent and used it fully to her advantage. A move that in any other sport, would be seen as a very strategic play. Now, some might say, golf is not like any other sport. Golf is a “gentleman’s game” where we call penalties on ourselves and treat our opponents with nothing but the upmost respect. I not only respect, but agree with that point of view. However, it is still a game. What Lindsay did had zero impact on Courtney’s ability to perform the shots. She broke no rules in convincing her to pick Mary. Plus, she treated her with the upmost respect while they were playing the challenge. To which, I say, fair play.

I bring all this up because of what you saw in this week’s show and what you will see in the weeks ahead. While Lindsay did nothing “wrong”, she came into this week with a fear of how the others are going to perceive her now. She has shown her hand in a sense and felt like she needed to do some damage control. Courtney’s departure from the show not only woke up the players to the reality of what going to the Elimination Challenge can bring, but Lindsay’s tactics also raised a number of guards from the ladies. I talked to a number of players heading into this week’s show about what they thought of how the show was going so far and there was a definite shift in mentality. This was made quite evident in the 2nd challenge this week where both Mary and Kristi only needed one point to be not assured to go into the Elimination. Instead they chose the 3 point shot, much to the surprise of our intrepid hosts. Their reason for doing this was based solely on social game. Will the others see me as a stronger player if I am able to pull off a more difficult shot?

Lauren’s emotions getting the best of her, without question, led to a spot in the Elimination Challenge. The big question moving forward is, will strong play trump social games? People are now second guessing their original impressions of Lauren and could that prove a shift in thinking? All good questions...

Until next time...
Chris Graham