Big Break's Annie & Kelly Provide Insight on Show 4

By Big BreakMarch 19, 2014, 4:00 pm

Former Big Break Ireland competitors Annie Brophy and Kelly Jacques are back. Only this time, it is not to play on Big Break, but to lend their insight and provide some fun facts about the ladies of Big Break Florida. Each week, Annie and Kelly will give you their thoughts on that week’s show, including what the pressure is like each week, since they have been there before. They also will provide you with some behind-the-scenes info on the ladies – Annie and Kelly have played alongside most of them on the Symetra Tour the past few years. While they have no knowledge of any results on the series, they will offer up thoughts on their favorites – and some non-favorites – on Big Break Florida. When not providing their Big Break commentary, Annie and Kelly currently work for, Golf Channel’s official online tee-times provider.

Annie: Another great episode of Big Break Florida! It looks like the girls are starting to feel more comfortable with the cameras around and are focusing on playing golf rather than getting caught up with the pressure of the show.

Kelly: I’m loving this season so far and I think what’s drawing me in are the new and strategic challenges! With that said, I thought the first immunity challenge where the girls bid against each other was genius. It was interesting to see their confidence in themselves and others and at what point that confidence dropped off.

I was surprised to see Fiamma miss the green from 95 yards. They have all hit this shot multiple times so far, dial it in girl!

Annie: Time to lock it up, Fi! It seems like most of the shots we’ve seen this season have been from inside 100 yards. I’d like to see these girls hit something other than a wedge. It would help separate some of the better ball strikers from the others.

Kelly: I was disappointed to see Jackie not bid at all and let Kylee hit the shot. I would’ve understood if the distance was 12 ft or less...but 16ft? I think this was a decision that she immediately regretted! Again...this was the distance that she holed out from earlier! Of course Kylee kept on with her solid play and gained $2,500 and immunity. Easy day. :)

Annie: I thought it was pretty funny Jackie was so quick to challenge Kylee with that shot to 16 feet. Apparently Jackie has been less than impressed with Kylee’s golf game thus far. Obviously she underestimated her, but I’m still not sure I’ve seen enough of Kylee to make a decision one way or the other.

Who were you most impressed with during the immunity challenge?

Kelly: I love Tonya’s mindset! She wants to have her destiny in her own hands and who can blame her! Even though it didn’t work out for her this time, it still shows the confidence she has in her own game. I just love her story as well. She has had a ton of success in college and then ran into a lot of setbacks that kept her from playing golf. To see her back in action and overall playing really well is so great to see. Can we also say how phenominal she looks for having two young children!? Tonya, tell us your secrets!!

Annie: How about Lindsay turning down $10,000?! Oh, the shame! I wonder if she’d make the same decision again after watching this episode. It seemed to me like this was Lindsay once again not wanting to rock the boat with the other girls. I would have loved to see the drama unfold after she took everyone else’s money. And please tell me you heard her say that an afternoon of immunity was “priceless.” Well, no, it actually cost you $8,000. But glad you enjoyed the afternoon stroll through the marsh.

Kelly: To finish out the first immunity I could not believe that Lindsay did not take the 10k!! I think her being “tired” was an excuse for not wanting to make anyone mad and playing the social game. You came on this show to play, so why not take that money and play! Especially when I don't think she would have found herself in the elimination challenge anyways. In my opinion that spoke volumes about her confidence and she was acting more out of a fear of losing than confidence in winning.

Annie: Maybe she just really wanted to ride a Segway..?

Kelly: Maybe. Ok, on to the fast play immunity challenge… I was extremely impressed with Fiamma for stepping up her game and winning. Coming off a poor performance earlier in the day, she proved how relentless she is. I thought her approach of having confidence in her shot and running right after she hit was great!

Annie: Fiamma definitely redeemed herself there! I was impressed with Tonya during this challenge. Up until this episode, I don’t think we’ve seen a whole lot of her. She’s a bit of a dark horse in this competition. Like you mentioned before, she’s definitely proven herself as a player in the past, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to performance now. It’ll be interesting to watch her as the season unfolds.

Kelly: It was a little painful to watch Renee struggle in this challenge. Her short game is so good but she is also a very deliberate player. Players like that are naturally going to struggle when being timed under pressure. Hopefully for her livelihood on the show there will be no more timed challenges!

Annie: Oh, Renee. I hope she can get her nerves in check, but she just hasn’t seemed confident so far on the show. She should be cleaning up with all these short game challenges, and yet we’ve already seen her in two elimination challenges! Come on, Renee! You’re better than that!
How great was her little pep talk from Jackie right before she went into elimination? Love to see the camaraderie and sportsmanship regardless of the cut-throat nature of this competition. Good work, girls.

Kelly: Once Renee was in the elimination I thought it was a no-brainer that she picked Lauren to join her since she was obviously the weakest link mentally. However, I thought it was very telling of Lauren’s character when she still acted sweet towards Renee even after being picked.
I was disappointed that no one stepped up and won it. Instead, Lauren gave it to Renee. I thought it was poor course management/strategy on the 2nd hole when Lauren decided to take the aggressive line on her 2nd shot. She was only one shot down and they were in the same postion.

All she had to do was beat Renee from there on in to tie it up! Ultimately, I think the better player is advancing.

Annie: I agree – I think the aggressive line showed inexperience more than anything. Once she hit that tree, the writing was on the wall at that point. Lauren looked so deflated and defeated. I don’t know Lauren, but I just wanted to give her a hug and tell her everything was going to be alright.

Kelly: It was hard/sad to watch Lauren’s emotions once she was eliminated. She was very gracious but it was heartbreaking to see how critical she was of herself, especially since I’ve been there. Growing up I used to be so hard on myself, until it finally sunk in that it really is just a game. We should play because it’s something we love and enjoy. I’m hopeful that Lauren can switch her mentality towards the game. I’ve been following her on Twitter and she has been very positive and is trying to turn her attitude around. Best of luck.

Annie: I thought she handled herself really well. She was so gracious, and I’m sure better things are coming her way. Now, is it next Monday yet?

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Tiger putts way into contention at The Open

By Rex HoggardJuly 21, 2018, 5:17 pm

CARNOUSTIE, Scotland – When Tiger Woods benched his trusty Scotty Cameron blade putter last month at the Quicken Loans National for a new TaylorMade mallet-headed version some saw it as a sign of desperation, but if his performance on Carnoustie’s greens on Saturday were any indication it could end up being a calculated success.

Woods stormed into contention on Day 3 with a 5-under 66 to move to within shouting distance of the lead at The Open, thanks in large part to his vastly improved putting.

“I hit so many good putts out there today, and this week from distance, I've had really good feels,” said Woods, whose 29 putts on Saturday belies his performance on Carnoustie’s greens. “Even as this golf course was changing and evolving, I've maintained my feels with the putter. I've made a couple of putts from about 40 to 60 feet, which is nice. I just feel like I've been able to roll the ball.”

Full-field scores from the 147th Open Championship

Full coverage of the 147th Open Championship

The highlight of Woods’ round came at the par-4 ninth hole when he charged in a 40-footer for birdie from the front edge of the green to begin a run of three consecutive birdies. Perhaps more impressive, he didn’t have a three-putt, and has only had two all week, which is always a bonus on links courses.

Woods temporarily took a share of the lead with a lengthy birdie putt at the 14th hole and scrambled for a par save at the last after his drive nearly found the Barry Burn.

“I hit a few putts that I think should have gone in from 20, 30 feet today," he said. "So that's always a good sign.”

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TT postscript: A 66, he's in contention - awesome

By Tiger TrackerJuly 21, 2018, 4:58 pm

CARNOUSTIE, Scotland – Here are a few things I think I think after Tiger Woods went berserk Saturday and shot 5-under 66 to vault up the leaderboard at The Open at Carnoustie:


At 4:13PM here in Scotland, when Tiger two-putted for birdie on the par-5 14th hole, he held a share of the lead in a major championship. It was once unthinkable, but it happened. I saw it with my own eyes.

• Tiger’s last two weekend rounds in the 60s in The Open both happened at Carnoustie and both happened on July 21. In 2007, Woods shot 69 here. On Saturday, that score was clipped by three shots. Tiger shot 65 in the second round of The Open at Royal Liverpool in 2006. He won his third claret jug that week. Tiger last shoot 66 in a major during the second round of the 2011 Masters.

• This is the sixth time that Tiger has recorded three consecutive rounds of par of better to start The Open. He went on to win three of the previous five times.

• One bad swing, the only bad swing of the day according to Tiger, produced the luckiest of breaks. Standing on the 18th tee with an iron in hand, Tiger pulled his tee shot that hit on the top of the Barry Burn and very easily could’ve ended in a watery grave. Instead it ended in thick rough, some 250 yards from the pin. Tiger punted it up the fairway, but got up and down from 83 yards to save par and shoot 66. “I hit my number,” he quipped about hitting wedge to 2 feet.

• On the other hand, the lone bogey came from one poor putt. On the par-3 16th hole, with half of Scotland screaming his name, Tiger missed a 7-footer for par. It was deflating at the time because the last three holes are so difficult. Pars on the last two holes were stellar.

Full-field scores from the 147th Open Championship

Full coverage of the 147th Open Championship

• Final stats: 12 of 15 fairways, 14 of 18 greens and 29 total putts. Tiger hit six drivers and one 3-wood, proving that he was way more aggressive. He hit four drivers on Friday and only one on Thursday.

• One of the aforementioned drivers that he hit on the ninth hole was well left and in some thick round, 170 yards from the hole. A safe approach to 40 feet set him up for and easy two-putt par. But he slammed the putt home and made an improbable birdie. “I hit so many good putts out there today, and this week from distance, I’ve had really good feels,” he said.

• In his own words about his chances of winning: “It certainly is possible. I’ve shown that I’ve been there close enough with a chance to win this year. Given what happened the last few years, I didn’t know if that would ever happen again, but here I am with a chance coming Sunday in a major championship. It’s going to fun.”

Yes, yes it is.

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Watch: Guy sleeps next to many beers at Open

By Grill Room TeamJuly 21, 2018, 4:55 pm

It's Moving Day at The Open Championship for all but one sedentary fan.

Cameras caught this potentially browned-out man having himself a Saturday snooze on the browned-out grasses of Carnoustie:

Browned out. That's a great term. Glad it's in the public domain. We've been using it all weekend. I imagine we'll continue to use it. A lot.

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Watch: Tiger makes 6 birdies, 1 amazing par in Rd. 3

By Golf Channel DigitalJuly 21, 2018, 4:10 pm

Tiger Woods started the third round of The Open at even par, having made seven birdies and seven bogeys over the first 36 holes at Carnoustie.

Following three pars to start on Saturday, Woods went on a birdie binge.

No. 1 came with this putt at the par-4 fourth.

No. 2 with this two-putt at the par-5 sixth.

No. 3 thanks to this 30-footer at the par-4 ninth.

No. 4 after nearly jarring his approach shot on the par-4 10th.

No. 5 when he almost drove the green at the par-4 11th and two-putted, from just off the green, from 95 feet.

And No. 6, which gave him a share of the lead, came courtesy another two-putt at the par-5 14th.

Woods bogeyed the par-3 16th to drop out of the lead and almost dropped - at least - one more shot at the par-4 18th. But his tee shot got a lucky bounce and he turned his good fortune into a par.

Woods shot 5-under 66 and finished the day at 5 under par.