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New Year New Season Of Big Break

Big Break Florida Returns Feb 24 at 9PM ET
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Adam Scott saved par on the final hole to earn his maiden Players title (Getty Images)  - 


New Year. New Season. New cast. Same heart pounding Big Break competition.

It’s that time of year again. It’s the dawn of a brand new Big Break competition and this time around, we’re bringing it your way about 3 months early. Yup. Normally you’d have to wait until May for your 1st taste of this one-of-a-kind competition (cruel...I know), but for reasons only the Programming Department can explain in technical detail, those frigid Monday nights of late winter will now be filled with the sound of breaking glass and the fascinating inner monologues of these 12 amazingly talented LPGA hopefuls. This also means that we’re all in for the weekly insider insight we’ve all gotten accustomed to from the series Producers themselves.

Welcome to the 1st installment of Lead Producer, Brendan Havens’, incoherent thoughts and ramblings...

Last time we spoke, I was extolling the virtues of Matthew Galloway’s improbable run to the finale of Big Break Mexico. Since then...I’ve been a little busy. With what? Well, this is where the talk of this early premiere date comes in to play. Allow me to elaborate...

Right around the middle of Post-Production on Big Break Mexico (sometime around the mid/end of June), we got word from Programming that the premiere of the 1st Big Break season of 2014 would be moved from May all the way up to February. Now, to those who have never been involved in the Production of one of these series, this is nothing but fantastic news. “You mean we get our 1st taste of Big Break 3 months early?!?! AWESOME!!!” Now, for those involved in the production of the series, our reaction was, “Holy crap. How are we gonna get this thing shot in time.” To put this neurotic-esque reaction into perspective, I’m gonna do a little date/time math for you.

Normally, for a May premiere, we shoot the series in late January, early February. Without getting into crazy specifics, this gives us the appropriate amount of lead time to get everything in the series completed and ready for air on time (each episode takes approximately one-month to complete and there are 3 Producer/Editor teams working simultaneously on different episodes). By moving the premiere date up by three months meant that the series would have to be shot in October. So far, this doesn’t seem so bad. “But, Brendan it’s only June and you’re worried about a series that won’t be shot for another four months?!?!” This is a reasonable question, until you factor in what needs to be done before a Big Break can even be filmed. The competitors must be cast, the format of the competition has to be planned out, the challenges need to be designed, a crew in the upwards of 80-people needs to be signed on and, most importantly, we need a site to shoot it at. That whole process can take up to six-months under normal circumstances, so we were technically two-months behind schedule before we even had a chance to start. So, there I went, off to our 1st round of auditions at the on the Symetra Tour before my final episode of Big Break Mexico was even finished being edited.

What this crazily compacted schedule also meant, was that for the 1st time in the 10-plus years we’ve been producing this series, there would be three different Big Breaks shot in the same calendar year. At one point, Big Break Mexico, Big Break NFL and Big Break Florida were in some level of production simultaneously.

So, I guess you could say 2013 was a big year for Big Break. The copious amount of extra grey hair I’ve obtained during that time period could surely speak to that. I also consider them to be little colorless reminders to the immense amount of pride we have as a crew in being privileged enough to be the ones who bring you three-months worth of weeknight entertainment. And let me be the first to tell you...this may be the most entertaining three-months of Big Break you’ll ever get.

For this season, we’ve departed with the team format that dominated the past two Big Breaks and have gone back to basics, so to speak. All 12 of these ladies will compete as individuals and will find themselves having to avoid elimination from the very start of the competition. So, get ready Big Break fans. This old format takes on a whole new life with this cast. And, per usual, us diabolical Producers have a few new tricks up our sleeves for this season. It’s what we do, and it’s all new. Stay tuned...