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Top 6 Fun Facts From Show 6

Big Break Greenbrier
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Well, the Big Break action is back after a week off courtesy of the Presidential election. And while the viewers of our show who lean to the Left are probably in better spirits than those who lean Right, I think we can all agree that hitting a little white ball into a hole 4.25 inches in diameter is still more equally rewarding and frustrating than who wins or loses an election. Am I right?? Of course I say that tongue in cheek (kind of) BUT if you are in need of a real pick me up, here are the Top 6 things from this weeks episode that there is no possible way you had any idea of. So in a way... we all win.

#6 - There is a mini golf course just outside the contestants house and some of the guys were up a little later than they maybe should have been playing. Rick was one of these guys and I think his play may have suffered because of it.

#5 - Each “card” in the Blackjack grid measures 5 yards deep by 10 yards wide. Except for the Ace which measures 5 yards by 20 yards. It also takes 300 pounds of white chalk to construct the grid.  

#4 - The nice young lady who was kind enough to be our “card presenter” during the Blackjack challenge was also the food and beverage girl for the crew during the entire shoot. This was her first time on TV.

#3 - The Blackjack challenge took place on the Snead Course driving range and spanned the entire width of the teeing area. From the tee markers to the end of the grid was 130 yards.

#2 - Rick and James have been riding in a cart together as we transport from location to location. James told me in the cart ride from the Blackjack Challenge to lunch, Rick told him straight up that he wasn’t going to pick him. At first Rick wasn’t really sure who to pick between Chan and Isaac, but after James reminded him about how well Isaac did in the first episode and how Chan was really getting on everyone’s nerves. Rick’s concern was that if he called out Chan because he was annoyed by him and then didn’t win he would feel like a big idiot.

#1 - The Elimination Challenge in this week’s show actually tied a Big Break record. While we were able to show 3 holes in the show, they actually played this hole NINE TIMES! Once in regulation and 8 playoffs. In those 9 holes, Rick made par all 9 times. Chan had 8 pars and 1 bogey. Needless to say, there was a collective sigh among all involved when the match finally ended. The only other playoff to go as many holes was in the first episode of Big Break Ireland.