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Exclusive Videos from Show One

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Big Break is back and it started off with a bang.  Of course, no Big Break season would be complete without a little added drama.  This season we spiced it up by having the players start off with an allotted amount of money and they now have to bet on their own shots. And it looks like Piri “Petey’s” luck ran out before he really got a chance to showcase his golf talents.  Of course, no one wants to be the first player to be eliminated on a reality show, but unfortunately someone has to be the first to go, and the first to be sent home was Piri “Petey” Borja.  

Watch “Petey’s” exit interview as he talks to Host, Tom Abbott about why he tried out for Big Break Indian Wells, how his father, who was a professional soccer player, helped him learn the game of golf and who his fan favorite is for the season . 

“Petey’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Robbie “Shank” Biershenk preparing for his journey to Palm Springs, California to be a player on Big Break Indian Wells.

“Shank’s” Home Video- Watch Now

Watch as the players of Big Break Indian Wells sit around the breakfast table prior to the first day of competition and discuss their journeys that lead them to Big Break Indian Wells.

Player’s First Breakfast- Watch Now Finally, hear what the hosts of Big Break Indian Wells, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks, had to say about the first day of competition, and the first player eliminated, in this week’s Host Analysis.

Host Analysis- Watch Now

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