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Web Exclusive Videos from the Season Finale of Big Break Indian Wells

Big Break Indian Wells
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The finale was down to a battle of the Canadians.  But only one Canadian can win and the win goes to young gun and underdog, David Byrne. Congratulations David! Both Kent and David represented their country well.  They both have been professional and fierce competitors throughout the season.  Experienced player, Kent, gave David a run for his money, “$70,000 to be exact”, but it all came down to putting.  David quickly got off to a head-start in the final elimination challenge and Kent did his best to stay strong, but in the end the final challenge came down to putting and Kent made more mistakes than David in that area.

One thing for sure, David couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for his win.  He became very emotional after winning on a season of his favorite series.  David said he came to Palm Springs for the chance to start his life and that is exactly what he intends to do! Watch David talk to the producers about his experience and how he wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his mom:

David’s first interview after winning Big Break Indian Wells- Watch Now

So, unfortunately there can only be one winner and Kent Eger lost to fellow Canadian, David Byrne.  Listen to what Kent had to say moments after losing to David:

Kent’s Final Words- Watch Now

Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks, host of Big Break Indian Wells, break down the final elimination hole-by-hole.  Both Tom and Stephanie thought Kent was the more experienced player and were surprised how his putting game fell apart.  Hear what they have to say about the underdog, David Byrne winning Big Break Indian Wells:

Host Analysis- Watch Now

Even though shooting Big Break Indian Wells was an exhausting few weeks for everyone, a little fun and smiles were definitely had by all.  Check out a few of the funniest never-before-scenes from the production team, the players and even the hosts, in this blooper reel from the making of Big Break Indian Wells. Enjoy!

Big Break Indian Wells Blooper Reel- Watch Now