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Big Break Indian Wells
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Sometimes you get a second chance in life.  And, that is exactly what “Petey”, Justin, Robert and Russell got on tonight’s episode of Big Break Indian Wells, a second chance at their Big Break.  “Petey”, Justin, Robert and Russell were the first four players to be eliminated on Big Break Indian Wells.  Tonight, they were given the opportunity to play their way back on to Big Break Indian Wells.  This chance didn’t come easy.  These players really needed to work their hardest and earn the “one” spot that was available to walk back onto Big Break Indian Wells. All four players had to take part in a four-part challenge that ultimately, lead to one man standing and advancing to his second chance on Big Break Indian Wells.  It was tough to watch three of the men’s dreams slip away for the second time during the show.

Watch as the hosts of Big Break Indian Wells, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks break down the four-part challenge between “Petey”, Justin, Robert and Russell.  Check out some of the not so pretty shots from Robert and how “Petey” put his fate into Justin’s hands.  Tom brought up an interesting question   “ Do you think “Petey”, the first person eliminated can come back, walk on to Big Break Indian Wells and win it all?” What are your thoughts?

Host Analysis- Watch Now

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Justin once again.  Watch as Justin shows us a softer side of himself as he talks to our producers about not winning the challenge to play his way back on Big Break Indian Wells.

Justin’s Softer Side- Watch Now

Some of the players on Big Break Indian Wells not only have a passion for golf, but for music and song writing as well.  Check out this web exclusive where John Lepak, Carl Whyte and Will Lowery showcase their original song based on Big Break Indian Wells.

The Big Breakers Song Debut- Watch Now

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