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Web Exclusive Videos from Show Nine

Big Break Indian Wells
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What an intense and drama-filled episode. The show started with four players and ended with two players.  This episode of Big Break Indian Wells was really all about the golf.  Kent decided to play head-to-head against Carl. What a showdown. Even though Kent is the most experienced player on the show, he definitely got off to a rough start in his three-hole match- up against Carl. This was definitely a great match to watch as both players showed us they were hungry for a win.  One thing is for sure, Carl is a fierce and mentally strong competitor. Despite his mistakes he always found a way to stay in the game.  Unfortunately, he made one too many mistakes and was eliminated from Big Break Indian Wells. Like Kent, Will had problems from the beginning as he had trouble keeping the ball in sight as well as in play. Unfortunately, in this episode we had to say goodbye to both Carl and Will. Roommates and fellow Canadians, Kent and David played their way on to the finale of Big Break Indian Wells with hopes of winning their big break! Who do you think will win the finale?

As stated above, Carl has an incredible mental game.  Watch as Carl talks to Big Break Indian Wells’ host, Tom Abbott, about why his is so mentally tough. Plus Tom talks to Carl about some of his incredible shots throughout the season, his relationship with Robbie and his goals for playing golf.

Carl’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Watch as Will talks to Big Break Indian Wells’ host, Tom Abbott, about his unique grip and if he has ever tried to change it.  Plus, Tom talks to Will about his connection with the First Tee of Charlotte , his relationship with Carl and what is next for him in the golf world.

Will’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Watch as the hosts of Big Break Indian Wells, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks, break down the drama filled day where two players were eliminate.  Tom and Stephanie also talk about how Kent got off to a rough start, but he is opponent Carl opened the door to let him back in the game and ultimately win the three-hole match-up that sent Kent to the finale.

Host Analysis- Watch Now

Kent and David let loose a bit during this week’s Happy Hour.  Kent and David talk about how they knew if it came down to them going into the elimination challenge, they were not going to choose each other to compete against.  Plus, listen to Kent and David talk about how Carl was a fierce competitor, who didn’t leave without a fight.

Happy Hour- Watch Now

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Don’t forget to tune in for the finale of Big Break Indian Wells this Monday at 9PM ET.