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Annie Brophy's Final Words

Big Break Ireland
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Every week on Big Break Ireland, someone has to go home.  Unfortunately, Week Two was my week.  Even though my time was short, it was an absolutely unbelievable experience!  I felt every emotion possible in those two days!   There was an energy on set that was simply indescribable.  I have played a lot of competitive golf, but never have I ever experienced pressure like that on Big Break.  I must admit that I was shocked when I started crying after being eliminated, but once the tears came, they just wouldn’t stop!  Because of the nature of the game, the stress, the pressure, and the excitement was all so exaggerated in those competitions that it was a great test of nerves and a good learning experience for me as well.  

If I were to change one thing about my time in Ireland, I would have made it a point to play the morning of the second day instead of sitting out.  On the first day of competition, I did not play that great, but all the more reason I should have fought harder to play the second day.  But life is not meant to be lived wondering “what if?”  Instead, I am glad to have been a part of this wild ride and am looking forward to working to create a big break of my own.  

I feel especially blessed to have been a part of this season in particular because of the eleven other people who were cast along with me.  The other competitors on this show are all great people, and all equally deserving of winning this big break.  If anything, I am glad to be walking away from this show with eleven new friendships.

As for me, I am currently in the middle of trying to qualify for the LPGA.  I am excited about where my game is and where it is going!  I might have gotten the boot on Big Break, but you haven’t seen the last of me yet!  

Thanks to everyone (especially my family!) who has supported me on and off the course – this could never have been done without you!  Cheers!