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Big Break Ireland: Andy Walker's Final Words

Big Break Ireland
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First off I want to thank everyone from the Golf Channel, The K Club, all the producers, casts, cameramen, hosts, marketing team, etc...for allowing me to experience something I will never forget and being able to share it with the world!  I'm friends with at least 30 prior Big Break players and when they said 'Andy this is something you've gotta do if you ever get a chance', I had no idea why they said it - well now I do!  This was the most incredible production I've ever seen - hats off to Golf Channel!
Big Break Ireland allowed me to experience something I've missed this year, that competitive fire.  All I've ever done since I was 5 years old was play competitive golf (and hoop, baseball, football), but always golf.  For the 9 months prior to Big Break Ireland I knew something was missing.  As soon as show one started and the “Glass Break Challenge” was in my hands, I felt whole again.  A club in my hand, something on the line, people rooting for and against you...this is what I love.  Throughout the whole show I got to witness some very special and talented players mature into what I hope are budding superstars.  This show has made me a better golfer, coach, and instructor to my players that put their livelihood and futures in my hands.  It was nice to show the world that I can still play.
After the finals of PGA Tour Q-school, there's an orientation where you learn how to handle the media and how you want to be portrayed by the public.  I was a little nervous watching episode one hoping that I didn't say or do anything that would embarrass me, my family, friends, my team, students, etc.  I can honestly say that I have absolutely zero regrets on how I conducted myself on the show.  Since the elimination on Tuesday, I've heard from many how much they enjoyed watching me play and how they enjoyed the class that I showed on the show.  I've also heard from a few saying that I was cocky.  To the many - Thank the few, I'm very confident in my abilities as a professional golfer, coach, and instructor.  I've worked extremely hard on my game for over 30 years and have enjoyed a great professional career playing.  The sacrifices I've made and successes that I've had playing golf isn't something that I consider “Luck”.  I'm confident because I've worked hard to earn my place in golf.  It's a game that I deeply respect and really it's all I know.

For now, I'm teaching full time at The Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix, AZ and love seeing the progress of my students at every level from juniors and amateurs to collegiate All-Americans and Tour Players.  Golf is a game that I love, it owes us nothing.  Golf Channel owes us nothing.  Both have given me everything.
I dedicate Big Break Ireland to my wonderful family (Mom, Pop, Leonard and his family, Jeff Dunovant, and my son AJ who's my heart and soul).
Peace....Andy Walker 'Adub'