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Big Break Ireland: Mallory Blackwelder's Final Words

Big Break Ireland
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Unfortunately, it is time I said my final good-bye to the fans and viewers of Big Break Ireland. The experience I had on the show is something that I have cherished since filming, and something I will continue to cherish for the rest of my life. More than anything, the people that I met mean the world to me. I want to thank Golf Channel and all of its producers and other crew for allowing me to participate in something so unique.

The day of my elimination, Mark, Julien, and I woke up and sat down to eat breakfast together. I remember thinking just how close I was to becoming the next Big Break champion, and how much that would do for my career. We headed to the course and learned of our short-game challenge. I then proceeded to choose a simple chip and run that I absolutely BUTCHERED! I mean, you all saw it, I bet half of the readers could have done better than me! But as I said in the episode, I NEVER give up, and I almost got up and down anyway by chipping the next one in. From that moment, I was a little rattled, and it seemed to stay with me the whole day. For the first time in elimination, I didn’t KNOW that I was going to win; I was only hoping that I would.

I think the difference in this match with Mark and the other eliminations I faced, was that Mark hadn’t called me out. Being called out gives you an extra boost of determination to prove the person wrong that thought they could beat you.

After losing to Mark, I was extremely disappointed, but I was thankful to have lost to such a great friend. Mark became like another brother to me in Ireland, and if I wasn’t going to win, I was glad that he would get the opportunity to. I felt the same way about Julien. I was just really glad that two great people, and great players, were going to be in the final match.

Watching the episode last night was tough, but I am feeling extremely confident from how well I did throughout the show. I am heading to the Finals of LPGA Qualifying School in Daytona Beach, FL that starts on November 30th. Hopefully you will be seeing much more of me in the years to come as a name on the leaderboard on the LPGA Tour!

Thank you all for reading and supporting me throughout this season of Big Break! All the messages I have received since being eliminated have been so touching.

Mallory a.k.a. “The Eliminator”