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Big Break Ireland: Nicole Smith's Final Words

Big Break Ireland
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First I would like to start off by thanking Golf Channel for this amazing, unique experience.  I also want to thank Tourism Ireland for the fun adventures they planned, giving us a taste of true Ireland.

Big Break is unlike any other golf experience.  It is the whole reason I wanted to go on the show because I wanted to see what one shot truly meant, what it was like to win or lose by one shot, what it meant to control your emotions in a high stress, everything on the line golf environment.  When someone tells you, “ You have to make this shot happen, take the least amount of strokes or you go home.” What does that really feel like?  Well now I know.  It stinks lol, but you learn something.  Life is full of lessons and opportunities to learn who you are as well as chances for growth.  You can take them and make yourself better or you can have a pity party.   I have taken this exhilarating experience and grown from it.  I loved every second of being on Big Break Ireland and am going to take that two week experience and implement the golf lessons into my future on the golf course; making every shot count and living in the moment.  Stay in the process of the shot where it really matters, since you have no control over what the outcome is.

I am happy to say that I learned a lot about myself in the time I was on Big Break Ireland.  I am a team player and when it came down to making shots happen for my team I did! I learned that you can hit the shot well and Mother Nature can take over and you can end up with a bogey.  What are you going to do, stuff happens and life doesn’t always run smoothly or as planned.  But mostly, I learned that I am a true competitor.  Some of the things I said may have seemed harsh, but for the most part it is how I feel (sometimes you didn’t get the whole statement) and I am just being honest.  I was actually quite proud of myself for really sticking to my guns out there and leaving it all out on the course.  That is what I have to do to be my best.

It was so flattering to hear my fellow cast mates say they knew that I have what it takes to play on the LPGA.  I do believe that I have what it takes but it is always nice to hear the people you are competing against believe it too.  It made me smile, and actually turned up my drive even more to get out there and make it happen!

Last but not least, I want to say a big “Thank You” to all the fans of the show that watch every week and cheer us on.  It means so much when I hear how much they liked watching me play and wishing me luck on my way to the big time.