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Big Break Ireland: Nina Rodriguez's Final Words

Big Break Ireland
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I came into the Big Break with every intention of winning and knowing that even though I was probably the least experienced player on the cast, I still felt like I could win! I have worked very hard in the short amount of time that I have played golf so I just kept telling myself you can hang with these players!

From what I saw this is the best golf Big Break has ever seen and I feel so blessed to have been part of such a great cast!! The Big Break is not about 18 holes of golf, it is about performing when the cameras are rolling! Going into the show I thought the cameras would be very intimidating, but as soon as competition started it felt as if the cameras weren't even there!

I loved the team format because I haven't felt that in so long, but at the same time it was still very individual. We could all feel it and as each show passed emotions ran higher and the tension kept building. As teammates we wanted each other to do well because it meant our immunity on the show, but when someone on the team wasn't playing their best golf they stood out, and unfortunately, I was that player for a few shows. I wasn't doing my part and everyone saw it.  You can't have a bad day on the Big Break because that will most likely be the end of the road.

I am a very competitive person and I will go out fighting. In the last episode I gave it my all and this time it didn't work out in my favor. But I learned so much about myself. I look forward to being in that situation many more times and coming out on top. I had a few bad days on this season, but for the most part I felt very confident and comfortable in the pressure situations I was put in. When something needs to be done I can dig deep and give it my all and that's what I did on this season of Big Break. Unfortunately it wasn't enough for me to win, but I am happy I fought until the end!

Golf is such a long demanding road so I know that I have to work even harder to be great and just because I was lucky enough to compete on the Big Break, the hard work doesn't end here. It is only the beginning. The Big Break has challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally and I loved every minute of it! From the 4AM wake up calls to the long days in the wind, it was worth every second. I love being tested and I love that I was given this chance to prove to myself and to others that I was born to play golf!!

The show has become a party once a week bringing my family even closer together and giving them the opportunity to see what I do and what I love. It has been an amazing experience and I wouldn't change any of it! Even though the show is such a very small piece of the bigger picture, I can’t thank Golf Channel enough for giving me this opportunity. I am going to continue to stay positive and hope that things continue to work out for me in the future. Thank you for watching and supporting the show it wouldn't be as great without all of you!