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Big Break Ireland Producer Blog: Bennett's Illness

Big Break Ireland
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There are so many Irish clichés that I could use to start this season of blogs. I think I’ll go with.... “If you are lucky enough to be Irish, then you are lucky enough.” That was the best one I heard during my stay on the Emerald Isle. OK, enough with that, let’s get to the good stuff!

The Big Break drama train has officially arrived at the station. I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t sure it was ever going to make it. But alas, the teams are leaping down each other’s proverbial throats. OH! And speaking of things leaping and throats, how about Bennett becoming the first-ever on-screen puker in Big Break history? I mean, how gross was that? In his defense, I will say that he really was a trooper and did his best to tough that one out. From the very beginning of the day he was clearly not feeling well and he still went through the motions and did his best to try and perform. Luckily it didn’t matter in the first challenge. It took us about two hours to shoot that first challenge of the day and then he was clearly in no condition to continue.

And I truly think that Bennett not coming back to play in the next challenge was the catalyst that sparked the drama train. Team Liffey was convinced he was faking which just fueled the fire for when Mark came up 6 inches on what would have been Team Liffey’s last shot of the day.
-    Sidenote: The guy you saw that came out and gave Mark the bad news.... that was me! (For the record, it was NHL playoff season and I was two months into a playoff beard. So don’t judge.)

The interesting thing about Mark getting all hot and bothered over Team Straffan’s celebration was Liffey had a very similar celebration of its own. If you remember in the first show of the season when Nicole missed her putt that sent Straffan to elimination, Liffey was quite verbal with their happiness. Funny what being in the heat of battle can do to a person.. Nonetheless, the claws came out and words were said. What you didn’t see was at the very end of the day Joe attempted to apologize to Mark. It was, however, an apology that was not accepted. So now that we are seeing what can only be described as the best golf ever played in a Big Break, things are getting even more spicy.

Oh, for those of you losing sleep, stressing over Bennett’s fate after his trip to the hospital, I have the authority to now reveal that it’s going to be a long sleepless week for you. I suggest sheep counting. It’s an Irish thing so that would be fun. But what I can tell you is, all will be revealed next week. Happy counting!