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Big Break Ireland Producer Blog: Go maire tu Mark

Big Break Ireland
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Another Big Break season is in the books and Mark Murphy is your champion.  33 years young, this reinvigorated aspiring professional golfer has NEW LIFE; he has finally ‘achieved’; Mark is a winner & a champion and that is a title NO PERSON can EVER take away from him; Congratulations or as they say in Gaelic - Go maire tú! 

Mark’s exemptions: 2012 European Tour events
•    Hassan Golf Trophy (Morocco) in March (22-25)
•    Irish Open in July (late July)

When Mark auditioned for Big Break he told us that he’s had a long and often tumultuous relationship with golf. He often refers to himself as a life-time “underachiever” in golf.  Mark grew up playing with the likes of Graeme McDowell, competing against many successful players that have done well on the European Tour and he’s HAS always believed he belongs with the best in the world.  Now he’s got his opportunity.

The mini-tour lifestyle can be AWFUL.  The mini-tours prepare aspiring golfers for two things- dealing with adversity and dealing with failure.  The players who make it to the PGA Tour or LPGA Tour realize when they arrive that there ARE NO GUARANTEES they will be there next year.

Julien Trudeau is THAT player.  This guy has immense talent, does many things in golf VERY WELL but he is one of many that have the same story; once made it (Nationwide Tour-2010)… but couldn’t remain.  Like Mark, Julien sees this Big Break as a step towards his second chance.  Best of luck Julien! Sláinte! (customary Irish toast meaning ‘health’).

Seeing Mark win makes me think back to when I first began working on Big Break (2004 – Big Break III-Ladies Only) and how cool I thought it was to be ‘IN’ television.  While the coolness factor still remains it is not the prevailing emotion I gain once a Big Break finishes its production.  Joy, pride and meaningfulness are the appropriate descriptions that dress me on a daily basis when I wake each morning to go to work.  I am in the business of making people’s dreams come true… while I am not saving lives or defending our country or teaching America’s youth I do have an impact and that meaning inscribes itself into the faces of the winner’s of this series.  Additionally, that emotion and impact affects the other players who participate in this show.  For that, I will be eternally grateful to the Big Break Ireland cast.  So thank you, Mark, Julien, Mallory, Andy, Nina, Nicole, Joe, Bennett, Kelly, Matt, Annie and Whitney.

Special thanks to my brothers/sisters in arms who slug it out with me in the trenches:  Jay and Paul, to a wonderful post team, Chris G., Constantin, Chris C., Derek L., Derek K., Gaston, Courtney, Jason, Simon and Rob. Also to Tom, Pat and Max! Thank you so very much or in Gaelic - Raibh maith agat!