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Big Break Ireland Producer Blog: The End is Near

Big Break Ireland
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As the sun sets on another season of Big Break..... well.... I guess we don’t really know if it’s setting or not because even though the wind is blowing 40 mph across the fairways of the K Club, the cloud cover appears to be firmly in place, thus blocking and evidentiary light which one would classify as said sunset. But I digress.

I have been saying since I arrived back from shooting this season in May that Big Break Ireland was without a doubt the best golf I had ever seen performed on any season that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. That’s 13 seasons so far... and counting. It will certainly be hard to top, but I have faith.

Ok, let’s get to some juicy deets about the penultimate show!

This show was actually fairly unique. I noticed it was really the first time the competitors noticed the end was near and if they could just hold it together then they would have an 8 A.M. tee time the next day for the biggest match of their career thus far.

The biggest giveaway was Mark. There were very few days during the shoot that I was actually greeted by Murph with your standard “hello’s” or “how you doin’s?”. Instead, an all too mysterious smirk would appear on his face and he would tuck his hands in his pockets and approach me a little too slyly. Then would come a classic Murph-ism that would make your mother blush but the sheer hilarity of his daily joke would get the better of you and you would bust up with an all out LOL.   

This morning, however, as I walked across the driving range I made eye contact with Mark and got a very quick nod and a “hello laddie”. He knew today would be a big day. And he was right.


The Immunity challenge was written up to go all three matches. Of course we knew mathematically it was possible to be over in two. But come on.... what are the chances?? Well, as it turns out, if someone like Julien runs the tables, then those chances are pretty good.

Since I knew I would be putting this show together in post-production, I was quite aware of how much content would be needed to fill the show. Originally, we had slated 3 matches in the Immunity, then three holes of golf for the elimination. After Julien cemented his position for the finale in quick fashion, we then had to amend the Elimination Challenge to include four holes. Thus the par 4 13th hole was added to the challenge and as it turned out proved to be extremely pivotal. So I guess.... thanks Jules.

Till next season.... be good.