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Big Break Ireland Producer Blog: Tree Trouble

Big Break Ireland
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Bennett update
… the morning of show seven we got word that Bennett’s surgery had gone well and that he was leaving the hospital to come back to the K-Club.  As producers we don’t like the unexpected, especially when it comes to health concerns.  Later that afternoon, we were quite happy to see Bennett moving around without wincing.  While he was in a little pain, Bennett was back chipping and putting three days later with his fellow ‘eliminated’ competitors.

Today was a windy day; that line was what was scribbled at the top of my notepad for the day – no “poop” Sherlock!  Seven days after this show was shot, I saw a news report that Ireland had just experienced their windiest May in their recorded weather history! That’s nearly 400 years of recorded history… that’s 400 Mays and Big Break saw the windiest… Thanks Mom Nature… “Far Nuttin’!” (as the Irish would say)

Team animosity was somewhat tempered this episode… the animosity was mostly directed at the weather and the wind.  Andy seems to still get under other people’s skin and not just from Team Straffan’s perspective.  You’ll see what I’m talking about NEXT EPISODE!  Let’s say, things get interesting with regards to ‘A-Dub’.

Tree Trouble
The tree that fell down during the 2nd hole of the immunity challenge measured 2 feet around – about 1 foot diameter.  It was quite a shock that the tree went down when it did.  Our cameras were pointed in the perfect direction and we had it falling from two different angles.  We had just finished playing that hole… in fact our carts had been parked right where the tree fell.  At one point, Tom and Stephanie (hosts) were commentating from that exact spot.  As Mark said, a guy who’s played in Ireland for nearly 20 years… he’s never seen that happen!

This was going to be the last time the competitors played on the Palmer Ryder Cup course at the K-Club before the finale so we decided to channel the Ryder Cup spirit with the different formats we employed.  This was the first time in Big Break history we ever used the scramble format… probably not the last either. 

Nina’s Exit & Mallory: last woman standing!

Nina’s poor play this show came as a surprise.  My co-producers and I were talking about the elimination challenge between Nicole/Nina the next morning and a few of us guessed that Nina was returning to the form she showed at the beginning of the series; winning challenges for her team…hitting the clutch shots but it was not to be.  I have high hopes for all the ladies on the series especially our last lady standing; Mallory.  Three weeks after the series wrapped, Mallory qualified for the US Open… then resumed good play on the LPGA Futures Tour: made 8/9 cuts, 22nd on money list including 3-top 10’s.

Final Four

Julien, Andy, Mallory and Mark….who’s going to win? Who will be eliminated next? See you next week!