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Big Break Ireland Producer Blog: Why the Big Cup?

Big Break Ireland
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The Big Cup! Why the Big Cup? Tournaments all across the country are now utilizing these to increase pace of play, increase fun and to give golfers a new look.  

Big Break
is a two-week rollercoaster of emotions for the players and one way to change up the game was to change the size of the hole (6 inches instead of 4.25).  We concentrated the IMMUNITY challenges around the green for the CHIP-IN factor.  If a player holed-out in any of their matches, their opponent would have to do the same.  It was the threat that a match could be over in one swing or a trip to the elimination from one shot that we sought; that’s the type of mental strain diabolical producers seek out to ensure these players NEVER see what’s coming.

Liffey Losing Streak
We are now in the midst of a three-episode losing streak for Team Liffey.  The opportunities have been there for Liffey to win but the more they lose, the more it stings and the ELIMINATION of Kelly stung deeply.  Once again, it came down to Mark trying to win it for his team.  He had two shots to win it for his team. Mark asked for the opportunity and once again (another show in a row), Mark’s short game didn’t come through.  Mini-Bio on Murph: Three Irish Opens (one cut made); career low round: 61; represented County Kerry for several years as an amateur, and is a former PGA TOUR caddie.  HE HAS GAME! Mark confided in me later that night that his game feels good and he’s ready to put these failures behind him… question is, can he?

Nicole’s Great Play    
Nicole has (not quietly) become one of the strongest players left in Ireland.  She is right up there at the top looking down.  Her chip-in cemented her as a great leader and a clutch performer… looking through my notes after today’s show… bold letters at the top, “Right now, Nicole is the player to beat.”

Clutch Mallory
Mallory will receive a new nickname next show…one that is well deserved: “The Eliminator”.  Three eliminations in a row…three victories (this one closed nicely with birdie).  Not since Danielle Aimee in Big Break Three has a competitor been sent through elimination so often.  I believe Danielle went to elimination a total of four times in her season…Mallory has gone three times in four shows!  After our production wrapped, Mallory qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open – NO SURPRISE!  She was rolling the stone in Ireland like Bob Dylan.

Goodbye Kelly
Seriously one of the most inspiring ladies I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  Kelly Jacques (pronounced – Jacks) is a super-positive woman, with loads of golfing talent that has been waiting for her Big Break… this was hers.  I don’t say this often and am not one for hyperbole…she’s got what it takes and as special as it was to audition her, it was exceptional to see her perform.  Best of luck!