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Big Break Ireland Show Eight Recap

Big Break Ireland
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Golf is such a mental game. Sometimes one bad shot can mess with your head.  It looks like that may have been the case with Andy.  Missing that 3-foot putt against Mallory really sent him in a downward spiral.  That one mistake kept affecting his putting the rest of the day.  Too bad, since Andy has been such a consistent and good player thus far.  But Mark said it well during that day’s Happy Hour.  He said Big Break is about playing the game in the moment in order to stay in the game.  You don’t get the luxury of playing a 72-hole tournament and have time to make up shots in order to win. You just have to stay focused and be in the moment.

They don’t call Mallory “ The Eliminator” for nothing.  Not sure Andy made the right call going up against Mallory in the first leg of the elimination challenge.  Had he not witness her being the only player not to choke under the pressure of an elimination challenge?

Julien sure does have the luck of the Irish on his side once again, but how long can that luck continue? You will just have to keep watching to see!  But seriously, Julien was lucky that his ball took that bounce against Mark.  Even though he ended up playing against Andy in the final stage of the elimination challenge, Julien always finds a way to “Make it Work”, sorry I had to borrow a line from Project Runway’s, Tim Gunn.

But Mark has some Irish luck on his side as well.  Well I guess being Irish and playing in Ireland, he would automatically be blessed with some Irish luck! Even though he hit a poor shot out of the bunker, he still managed to beat Julien in order to survive another day on Big Break Ireland.

Watch Andy’s exit interview as he talks to Host, Tom Abbott about why he feels he isn’t already playing on the PGA TOUR, how important being on Big Break Ireland was to him and what life on the Mini Tour is really like.  Plus, find out more about a foundation Andy started with former NFL player, Seth Joyner, that helps teenagers learn the value of a dollar and how to keep their finances in order. 

Andy’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Happy Hour was not as lonely for Julien as it was last week.  Now that is down to the final three, there is no more Team Liffey or Team Straffan.  Julien has now moved into what was Team Liffey’s home.  Mark and Mallory welcomed Julien to their home away from home.  Mark definitely is head of entertainment in that house, as he did a great job of making fun of himself and his poor shot out of the bunker that ultimately cost him $5,000. 

Happy Hour- Watch Now

Also, hear what the hosts of Big Break Ireland, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks, had to say about the surprise elimination.  Neither Stephanie nor Tom thought they would be seeing Andy go home this soon.   They were also surprised that Andy chose Mallory, “The Eliminator”, to go head-to-head against in the first leg of the elimination challenge.  Finally, hear what they had to say about Andy’s putting mistakes that ultimately sent him home.

Host Analysis- Watch Now

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