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Big Break Ireland Show Nine Recap

Big Break Ireland
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It looks like Julien found a way to outsmart the producers. The producers worked out that in the elimination challenge each player would get to play each other once. Well, Julien did his best to make that not happen.  He got such a lead on Mark, that it was mathematically impossible for him not to make his way into the finale.  So Julien sealed his fate in one match! Now it was Mark vs. The Eliminator (a.ka. Mallory).   Like so many golf tournaments, the elimination challenge with Mark vs. Mallory came down to one putt and Mark was able to make the putt when it counted.  This unfortunately sent Mallory home.  Mark and Julien are one step closer to making their dream a reality.

Watch Mallory’s exit interview as she talks to Host, Tom Abbott about what part of her game let her down during her time on Big Break Ireland.  Plus, find out if Mallory thinks competing on Big Break Ireland was more stressful than playing in a LPGA Tour Major.  Finally, hear what Mallory thought of being called “The Eliminator”.

Mallory’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Julien and Mark break down the day’s events that lead them into finale of Big Break Ireland during their last Happy Hour together.  Hear what Mark thought of being in his first elimination challenge and what they thought of Mallory’s level of play during Big Break Ireland and what they expect from her after the show. 

Happy Hour- Watch Now

Also, hear what the hosts of Big Break Ireland, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks, had to say about how the final elimination challenge between Mark and Mallory went down.  They talked about how interesting that the players started the show as a team and end it playing each hole and shot for themselves. 

Host Analysis- Watch Now

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