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Big Break Ireland: Show Seven Recap

Big Break Ireland
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Just when you thought the weather couldn’t get any worse in Ireland, it did. The wind on this show was crazy. It seemed more like the show was taped in Florida during hurricane season than Ireland. What crazy conditions for the players to play golf in with umbrellas flying around and a tree falling that just misses the Big Break crew!

These windy conditions really put the players to the test. At times you didn’t see stellar golf, due to the wind, but they sure gave it their all under the circumstances.

Did pride get the better of Nina? That is what some on Team Liffey think. More on that in a minute. Despite the wind, this show was all about the golf. The immunity challenge was broken up into four holes and each hole was played out by a different format. This made it anyone’s game. The luck of the Irish continues to be on the side of Team Liffey, as they came out on top again. 

With only two players left on Team Straffan, it was undoubtedly going to be Julien vs. Nina in the elimination challenge. Nina showed us hole 17 is not her friend as for the second time during the season she put a shot into the Liffey river.  Nina was definitely finding a hard time finding her game. Unfortunately she never found it and ended up being the latest player eliminated from Big Break Ireland.

Watch Nina’s exit interview as she talks to Host, Tom Abbott about her victory against Nicole; what Nicole and Nina said to each other after Nicole’s elimination; Nina’s thoughts on the team aspect of Big Break Ireland and what surprised her the most about being on the show.

Nina’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Happy Hour was a little lonely for Team Straffan because Julien is the last man standing on that team.   Hear what Julien had to say about that emotionally and physically draining day.  Plus, hear what Team Liffey had to say about Nina’s level of play and effort in the last challenge.  Some people think she didn’t try as hard as she could have.  Find out why!

Happy Hour- Watch Now

Also, hear what the hosts of Big Break Ireland, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks, had to say about the crazy wind conditions during the show.  Plus, hear what Tom and Stephanie had to say about Julien’s big save during the elimination challenge.

Host Analysis- Watch Now

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