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Big Break Ireland Web Exclusive Videos from Show Four

Big Break Ireland
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Team Straffan is on fire. They literally can’t lose. Well, if you count losing teammate, Bennett.  Bennett sat out most of the third show because he wasn’t feeling well.  It was confirmed during show four that Bennett had to leave the show due to having appendicitis.  Bennett went to the hospital for surgery and is doing fine.  Losing a teammate may have been the added motivation they needed to keep the winning streak alive for Team Straffan.  This time it was Nicole, team captain, who stepped up and won the Immunity challenge.  Not only did Nicole win the challenge for her team, but she took home $5,000!  This meant that Team Liffey once again headed to the elimination and team captain, Kelly, took Mallory with her.  But for the third time in a row Mallory proved she has game.  Her game out played Kelly and that meant Kelly is the latest player to be eliminated from Big Break Ireland.

Watch Kelly’s exit interview as she talks to Host, Tom Abbott about why she auditioned for Big Break Ireland; why she chose Mallory to go head-to-head with in the elimination challenge and how she has overcome many obstacles in her life to get where she is today. Plus, you will be surprised to find out what her favorite moment was from being on Big Break Ireland.  It may be a Big Break first!

Kelly’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Happy Hour was filled with a bit of trash talking from both teams.  Hear how Mallory feels she has done everything she can do to prove to everyone that she is a good golfer and deserves to be a part of Big Break Ireland. Plus, hear what some of the players thought of participating in the famous “Flop Wall” challenge.  

Happy Hour- Watch Now

Also, hear what the hosts of Big Break Ireland, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks, had to say about Bennett leaving the competition and how the pressure is getting to the players.  Plus, hear what one past Big Breaker had to say about the pressure from being on Big Break compared to being on the Nationwide Tour.

Host Analysis- Watch Now

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