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Matt Melrose's Final Words

Big Break Ireland
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Big Break Ireland
was a very interesting and valuable experience for me.  When I do anything in my life, I like to gain from the actual experience as well as the human and life experience.  My time on Big Break was so enriching. The show is structured in such a way that it puts every part of you to the test.  The human aspect is on display, your golf ability is on display and then you have to overcome all the pressure and the expectations.  And then there’s the weather to content with, while you try and compete and show your skill sets and who you are as an individual all at the same time. That’s what makes this a great concept and a successful program.

Let’s get into Episode Three:

That morning, getting up and sitting around the breakfast table after losing Annie left a sense of hunger and the feeling that everyone was ready to get out there and turn up the heat and tighten the screws on Team Straffan. After we decided I was going to be the captain for the day, I got that feeling of clarity and responsibility and relished the opportunity to lead Team Liffey and perform for my team when it was most needed.  Our plan was to come out the blocks fast and make our intentions known to Team Straffan, and when we found out we were playing a par 5 alternate shot right out the gate, I was frothing at the mouth to get up there and make a three. Everyone on the team was clear and we had that killer instinct.

Everyone on the team played a role and did what we needed for us to make the three, which put the very hot ball back in Team Straffan’s court. They answered with a four which gave us the early lead.  The second part was the ten locations and we had to hit shots from 70 yards to 160 yards.  Team Straffan managed seven shots, but bear in mind the wind was blowing 40-miles per hour which made this very tricky.  We had an opportunity to close them out.  We got through the first seven locations and unfortunately we narrowly missed the green on the eighth attempt to win Immunity and send them to elimination.  

We let them in the door and they obliged and tied it all up in the third part of the Elimination Challenge, which left me in a playoff for my life against Nina to see who was going to elimination.  Nina hit a great shot to six feet and I managed nine feet or thereabouts, so it was off to Elimination for me.  I felt we had let them in the door with two chances to shut it, and we let off the gas and they made us pay for it.

In the Elimination I chose Mallory.  We did battle for two holes in 50-mph winds under some pretty intense pressure. With a good friend and a great golfer, in not the best of circumstances, we put that all aside and we played for our lives.  Mal came up trumps and got the job done which marked the end of my Big Break experience.  Mal is an amazing girl and a very talented athlete and she will go to the top of the women’s ranks if her heart desires. I wish her all the best for the remainder of the show and I am a big fan of hers.

The future for me is very cloudy here in the United States; I had some confusion with my Q-School entry here this year and subsequently am not able to go, which has been very heart-wrenching.  I have been working with a new coach over the past three months; his name is Andrew Getson and he works out of Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale. I feel we are making good progress and the game is strong and I’m ready for the most rigorous of tests and the pressure which is Q-School.  I will be leaving the US at the end of November to do Q-School in Bloemfontein in South Africa and unfortunately, my return is unknown. But, I am looking forward to Q-School and the summer down in South Africa and I have a great feeling about it.

Thank you very much for all of the support and kind words; it goes a long way and is much appreciated. I hope to entertain you all in the near future going down the stretch on the PGA TOUR…