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Web Exclusive Videos from Show One

Big Break Ireland
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Big Break is back and it started off with a bang.  Of course, no Big Break season would be complete without a little added drama.  This season we spiced it up by traveling across the Atlantic to Ireland, divided the players up into two teams of men and women, and now have each team live in their own house.  Seems like a lot for all the players to handle.  If that isn’t enough, each team has to designate a team captain each day.  More on that later…

It definitely didn’t take long for one team to unravel.  “Team Straffan” was off to a great start with the famous “Glass Breaking” Challenge, but they couldn’t keep up their momentum to win the one challenge all players long to compete in.  Bennett, the captain for “Team Straffan” for the first day, continued to make his own decisions after he and the team consulted on their game plan.  This didn’t sit well with a lot of the players, and especially not with Whitney.  When it was time for Bennett to choose a team member to go head-to-head with in the elimination challenge, he chose the most vocal: Whitney, the firecracker from North Carolina.  Unfortunately, Whitney couldn’t hold her own against Bennett as she was the first player to be eliminated from Big Break Ireland.

Watch Whitney’s exit interview as she talks to Host, Tom Abbott about her career highlights, the biggest surprise she encountered while being on Big Break Ireland, which past Big Breaker she’s friends with, and what her future holds. 

Whitney’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Watch as the players of Big Break Ireland sit around the breakfast table prior to the first day of competition and learn how each day will start with each team choosing a team captain, and what the pros and cons are for being the team captain for the day.

The First Breakfast –Watch Now

After a long day on the golf course, it’s finally Happy Hour! Watch as Bennett justifies the decisions he made on the golf course that led to their team losing and Whitney going home.  Plus, watch as “Team Liffey”, celebrate their first win. 

Happy Hour- Watch Now

Finally, hear what the hosts of Big Break Ireland, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks, had to say about the first day of competition, and the first player eliminated, in this week’s Host Analysis.

Host Analysis- Watch Now

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