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Whitney Wright's Final Words

Big Break Ireland
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First off, I just want to say how exciting it was to watch the first episode of Big Break Ireland. I've played in a lot of golf tournaments and huge money matches and I've never been as nervous as I was to watch the premiere. Although I was there and already knew the outcome, I was still very anxious about watching myself on TV and also on how they would edit and portray the situation with Bennett. The amount of support that I received from friends and family last night was incredible. I literally had to clear out my message inbox to receive more messages. The outpouring of negative Bennett texts, calls, and emails was hilarious!

I can say that Bennett changing the order twice really did happen. I'm pretty good at reading people, and from the first day meeting Bennett, I was not too impressed. I had a strange feeling about it, and ladies, it wasn't a crush! LOL. I knew from the beginning that he was there for popularity and was there to promote himself. Unfortunately, it cost our team both challenges, which ultimately led us to the elimination challenge.

I want to say that Big Break Ireland will go down as one of the best experiences of my life. I made friends and formed relationships that will last a lifetime. Obviously, my one disappointment with the show was that I went home first. That disappointment is also compounded by the fact that I think I performed extremely well under the pressure. Even during the elimination challenge, the fact that I had to play the same yardage as Bennett on a par 5 that was reachable for him and not I, I still managed to give myself an opportunity to win. What they didn't show was that we actually played the par 5 three times before I was eliminated.

Several people have asked me who I want to win the show now that I'm off.  My answer is one of the players on the show who, like me, is there for a BIG BREAK to fulfill a golfing dream...not to get a clothing line or modeling deal. With that being said, my life still includes grinding golf matches in North Carolina and practicing for upcoming LPGA Q-School. But I do have time for a little golf match with Bennett if he wants to swing by North Carolina. The bank’s open, we can play for what he wants, just bring your clubs and your shoes; I'm ready.  Bennett, please just leave your pride at home because you won't be taking that back with you!

Once again, I want to thank Golf Channel, NBC, and the people of Big Break who gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. What a fantastic group of people they are!!! I also want to thank everyone who pulled for me.  Even though I was only on one show, I hope I made everyone proud!!! Thanks for all the love and support!!!


Whitney Wright