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The Art of Contingency Plans

Big Break Mexico
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I remember in the planning stages of Big Break Mexico, which happens months before we ever get on location, one of the hardest things for us was trying to come up with contingency plans. We had a best case scenario of every team losing one player on elimination day which would keep the numbers close. But ultimately we had no idea of what would happen. So we did our best to have a plan for situations A - Z. Unfortunately having the team numbers be 4-3-1 was not high up on our perfect scenario list, but it also wasn’t the worst case. The most difficult thing with having such lopsided numbers was coming up with challenges that would be fair to all the teams. We decided that anything in relation to par would give each team a chance to control their own destiny.

When we first explained this concept to the players, it was kind of funny how everyone thought it was unfair but all for different reasons. Matthew didn’t like that the other teams could render his score useless if say Team Olmec made three birdies. Brent didn’t like that one of his teammates could ruin it for their whole team and Team Maya thought Mathew had a big advantage because he had less chance to screw up. 

Fortunately for them, as it played out, it was actually the most fair thing we could do and as a result all the teams ended up tied at the end of the challenge. In their defense, we had months to consider all the angles and they had only a few minutes. And in the end we got to sit back and watch some truly spectacular golf out of Taylor and Stefanie. I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of shots they both hit in that first playoff hole. Not to mention, the putts. It was too bad the playoff had to be won with a bogey, but such is golf.

Oh and here is a little sneak peak for the weeks ahead... This little par 3 will come back to haunt one of these players in a future episode. So be on the lookout.