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Meeting Rodney Harrison

Rodney Harrison on Big Break NFL.
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Sergio Garcia of Spain chips to a green during a practice round prior to the start of the 114th U.S. Open at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, Course No. 2 on June 11, 2014 in Pinehurst, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)  - 

I have had the very fortunate opportunity to spend time with some very talented professional athletes in my time at Golf Channel. But, every once in a while you get the chance to have dinner with a truly interesting personality.  As was such with Rodney Harrison. The night before we shot this episode, I joined Rodney for dinner along with two other producers for the show. Having spent a majority of my life growing up in Canada, I feel fairly confident I could tell you just about anything you need to know when it comes to players in the NHL. However, my working knowledge of the NFL players is not quite as extensive as others. Going into the dinner, I really only knew Rodney by his reputation as a “bad boy” in the league and what I had seen from his commentary on Sunday Night Football. It turns out, he is an incredibly analytical, funny, and personable guy. Being as we were at a resort filled with mostly mainland Americans with an above average knowledge of the game of football, I was impressed with the way Rodney would engage with random strangers that would approach our table and throw a verbal jab about how they may have disagreed with something he said.  He would return the favor and after a brief conversation, the said person would typically walk away with a smile on their face and a much better understanding of why he said what he said. Rodney would then turn his attention back to those of us at the table and the conversation would quickly return to one of his favorite topics, the golf swing. Rodney is a self-professed perfectionist when it comes to his own golf game. He was bitten by the bug only a couple years ago and in that time has built a quite impressive move at the ball.

When he set the mark for the players in the first challenge, I actually started to get concerned he would run the table and we would have had the competitors hitting from some very difficult locations.

After the first challenge we brought out a pane of glass for Rodney to break for promotional reasons. He told me how nervously excited he was to do it, since he was a big fan of the show, it was the one thing he really wanted to do. So after a few tries he popped the glass and was so excited he ran over to our Director for a chest bump and literally knocked him to the ground. The entire cast and crew erupted in laughter and it was a very fitting end to Mr. Harrison’s appearance on the show.

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Chris Graham