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Be Careful What You Wish For

Big Break NFL Puerto Rico
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Jason Kokrak makes an approach shot on the eight hole during round two of the Open at the CordeValle Golf Club on October 11, 2013 in San Martin, California. (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)  - 

It’s still anyone’s game, but the pressure is mounting and an elimination is eminent.   

Which team would you put your money on to stumble? 

Speaking of gambling, how about the risks that were taken in that first immunity challenge?!  Brian gambled that he’d sink his putt, despite the warning of his team captain… and that’s one big bad team captain.  This HAS to be good for Team Doleman’s confidence, despite their mounting dysfunction.  Do you think that they will fall apart?  All I can say is (the proverbial), “stay tuned”. 

And… speaking of falling apart, what’s happening with Team Bulger?  Maybe the Purple team is showing shades of Blue? Internal stress can spread quickly.   Z is still playing strong, but without Chad playing at his best, anything could happen.  Is this the beginning of a downfall, or just a day off?  Internal Stress + A Loss = Every Shot Matters.

Emily is on fire, keeping Team Rice, red hot (pun intended).  Putting wasn’t an issue for her today, that’s for sure.

Team Del Greco is starting to look like a potential dark horse.  Oren is finally back, and his skills are superb when he’s on his game. Like Jerry Rice says, “True champions perform best when the stakes are highest”.

Team Rypien is staying consistent with earning an early immunity.  Hopefully they are using the time off wisely, because the eliminations are about to begin.  Can Meghan take the pressure?

And, last but not least (which seems to be their running theme), Team Brown.  Will Mallory’s hot and warm skills be enough to carry them up and over Will’s mistakes?  Tim Brown is certainly feeling the pressure, and he hates it.  Mallory has a history of standing up to any challenge, and succeeding more often than not.

One of the most interesting things that I’ve experienced with BBNFL thus far is hearing seasoned ex-NFL stars tell me over and over how Big Break is “the most pressure that they have ever felt in competition”.  Seriously?!   Al Del Greco hasn’t felt greater pressure when he’s lining up for a game-winning field goal in front of a 65k+ stadium audience and millions watching on t.v.?! 

I guess not.  Big Break is truly the most unique pressure/performance competition reality show in the world.  We now have proof.

The only hint I’ll drop about what is coming up in future episodes, is that there are going to be some surprises….