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Fans Thrilled By Dalys Return

More people than you might ever imagine had been waiting for John Dalys next win on the PGA Tour. Now that it has happened, it is as if a giant floodgate has opened.
For better or worse, John Daly is the peoples player. For better or worse, he represents a kind of one-man ministry. For better or worse, todays column is a small but representative sampling of how the people are reacting, via E-mail here, to Dalys wondrous sudden death victory Sunday at the Buick Invitational:
We all have imperfections. Most people shy away from discussing them. John has been very upfront with all of us, I like people like that. Can millions of fans be wrong?
Daly and the Ryder CupThats the topic of the water cooler crowd We want to see it.
Now get him elected president of the USGA and watch the game grow.
Is John Daly the Seabiscuit of modern golf?
I am having my own battles, and through the ups and downs have never given up hope, and that is what is so inspiring about John.
Tin Cup with a better ending. God Bless John Daly.
I even had my wife rooting for him yesterdayI hope that John recognizes that this was bigger than him.
We have Tiger showing up when he wants and Mr. Singh sometimes talking. This is new era of golf and watching John Daly work the gallery it was great.
Like the Shark and Phil there is no lay up in this guy. Very exciting to watch.
Hooray for Big John--may his many indiscretions live on in infamy.
In a time where the pros are not accessible to the spectators by their choice, it is heart warming to see someone like John come out on top. Why do we forgive him? Because he lets us into his world and bares his soul to us during the good and bad.
As a recovering alcoholic myself, it brought tears to my eyes to see him win again. There are no guarantees for any of us, whether in recovery or notOnly a greater power than ourselves will determine what happens from here.
His victory was magical. It was as if time stood still while this lion of the past charged into the future. We havent heard the last of Long John.
Cool! Reminds me of the question: What are you going to do today, with the gift?
John Daly and Tiger Woods, back nine Sunday at Augusta, now that would be a wild ride.
However, he has to get rid of his bad habits if he is to maintain the standard of play which he had before.
This win by John Daly is larger than life. As a psychologist, I can assure you that there are very many people out there battling inner wounds and personal demons. To witness JD overcome his very public ones--even if only (but hopefully not) momentarily--still engenders a deep hope and growing encouragement to a collectively wearied America and to those individuals fighting deeper personal bunkers. John Daly is to be commended for his effort, heart and inspiration.
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