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Parry Takes a Swing at Millers Comments

The subject is swings.
Lets start with Craig Parrys. If you follow golf and werent vacationing in Nepal last weekend, you know by now that Australias Parry dunked a 6-iron from 176 yards on the first hole of a playoff with Scott Verplank to seize the Ford Championship at Doral in the most spectacular of fashions.
What you might not know is that earlier in the tournament, NBC analyst Johnny Miller said, on the air, that Parry had a swing that would make Ben Hogan puke. Miller also stated Parrys decidedly non-classic action reminded him of a 15 handicapper.
Surprise, surprise, Parry wasnt happy to hear any of this. Monday he contacted the tour and asked officials to sort this out with NBC. Early Tuesday the tour confirmed it planned to take the matter up with NBC on behalf of its player, Craig Parry.
Then late Tuesday, the other shoe dropped. Contacted in California, the outspoken Miller issued an apology of sorts.
I definitely used the wrong word (puke) and I knew it right away, Miller said. Craig Parrys swing certainly works for him. Its just that its opposite of what I was taught in Hogans modern fundamentals.
My take on this is that Miller was over the top in his criticism of Parry. But I give him high marks for owning up to his poor choice of verbiage. Millers strength and weakness as an analyst is that he doesnt always filter his thoughts through the political correctness screen.
Whether I agree with him or not, I always want to hear whats on Johnny Millers mind.
Meanwhile, two more points about swing:
First, I think it does the Players Championship a disservice when everyone writes and talks about the Florida Swing setting the table for Augusta. Other than the four current majors and the Ryder Cup, The Players Championship is the most compelling event in mens golf. And its improving each year in large measure due to the body of history building up because the venue doesnt change.
Finally, this on Jim Furyk, another player about whom much has been written and said with regards to his swing:
Furyk is still nursing a wrist injury but hopes to return at Bay Hill next week. If not, a source close to Furyk told me Tuesday, he will definitely be back for the Players Championship. He wont miss that, the source said. Furyk lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, home of the TPC at Sawgrass.
Furyk is mostly putting and chipping this week. And, for the record, this is not the wrist he injured back in 2000 playing touch football in the parking lot at an NFL game. That time it was the right hand.
Furyk first felt pain the wrist in South Africa at the Presidents Cup matches. When he missed the cut at Januarys Sony Open, a rare occurrence, Furyk knew he needed to take some time off to heal. He hasnt played in a tournament since then.
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