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The Readers Write I Write Back

The readers write. And I write back:
E-Mail: John Daly needs to quit smoking, drinking and gambling. A little humble introspection and exercise wouldnt hurt. Golf will take care of itself.
My Reply: Points well-taken. And maybe a little work on the range with Butch Harmon wont hurt either.
E-Mail: Memo to JD: Its over.
My Reply: As John Belushi (Blutarsky) famously said in Animal House: It isnt over until we say its over.
E-Mail: I just realized that in the 49 total combined events of Phil and Vijay, they made less than Tiger did in 16 events.
My Reply: As Phil Mickelson has said over and over: Its Tigers world and Im just living in it.
E-Mail: Given the evolving bureaucratic era of golf, advances in course length and technology, it would be refreshing to have an event'solely for charity and personal pride. Something along the lines: Tiger, Phil, Vijay and Padraig meet for a private dinner'a country/links course is selected at random. They fly out that night for 36 holes'no preparation, no course knowledge, no caddies, no gallery. The event is filmed and runs into four episodes. All net revenues go towards charity. Can you arrange that?
My Reply: This sounds like The Skins Game (only with a better field). Its a noble idea. Good lucking getting Phil, Tiger and Vijay sitting down together at the same table for dinner, though.
E-Mail: Can Paula Creamer challenge to become the top ranked player in the world? It looks like she has everything but length off the tee.
My Reply: Creamer can challenge and she has promised she will get longer off the tee in the off-season. She must be careful. Other players have looked for length trying to get a foothold in the upper echelon. And they have lost their swings and their games along the way.
E-Mail: Brian, you make some interesting points about Phils play, but lets not forget the man has talent, lots of it. And this talent, along with a good work ethic, allows Phil to excel. Its easy to criticize his game and I have heard so many times through the media that he should have done this or that but in the final analysis he is one of the best players ever to take up the game. In baseball the best hitters struggle to get a .350 average. Thats one hit in every three times at bat. Mickelson shot a 79 (in Singapore) and persevered and won (the next week in China). So whats your point? No, hes not Tiger and Im happy about that.
My Reply: My point is that with Phil, more than any other top player, you never know what youre going to get. And by the way, it wasnt a media member who hit that drive on the 72nd hole at Winged Foot in 06.
E-Mail: Daly should go and see a personal trainer or go to the gym. He is a disgraceful looking specimen, not a good advertisement for golf. His career has been (despite his wins) a waste of natural talent. Many touring pros would love to have been blessed with his natural talent. But his style'eating/drinking habits and lack of fitness has counted heavily against him during his career. If it were not for his extraordinary natural flexibility his golf career would have been long over. I dont think Harmon can do much for him.
My Reply: I do. But Daly has to let Harmon help him.
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