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Top 125 A Small World at Disney

Now is the time for all good golfers to come to the aid of their future.
No, thats not quite the same as, Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.
But this weeks Childrens Miracle Network Classic presented by Wal-Mart is a lot more than a typing exercise for players looking to finish the season in the top 125 on the money list.
Thats what they must do at the Palm and Magnolia courses at Disney World near Orlando to keep their playing privileges for 2008. Players who dont finish above PGA TOURs Mendoza line have only the dreaded Q-School to fall back on.
There will, to be sure, nervous moments.
Take the case of TOUR veteran Billy Andrade. Through the Frys Electronics Open, Andrade ranked No. 146 on the money list. He had hoped to improve on that number at the Ginn sur Mer Classic at Tesoro, the week before Disney.
But when the Ginn event replaced the one that was going to be played at Running Horse, it required all players to re-file their entries. Andrade failed to do so and was left out of the field at Tesoro.
Disney will be his last chance to earn his card for 2008 in a 2007 regular TOUR event.
There are, believe it or not, players who can breathe easier. Jay Williamson has received a sponsors exemption into Disney. And because he has earned more than $825,000 this year he is safe to finish above the No. 125 line.
Williamsons caddie, for the entire tournament, will be GOLF CHANNELs Kraig Kann. The last time Kann caddied on TOUR was for Steve Flesch during the Pro-Am at Colonial in 2004. Flesch went on to win the golf tournament. Williamson is hoping some of Kanns mojo will rub off on him.
Kann will report on his week for GOLF CHANNEL. But he was quick to point, This week for us is going to be about Jay Williamson, not me.
Speaking of Flesch, he has won twice on Tour this year and recently said he looks forward to Disney because his family loves the attractions at the theme parks.
This will be 10 years in a row now going to the Magic Kingdom, he said. At nine and five years old my kids are right at the age where theyre dying to go to Disney World. You never die of boredom at Disney. You never know when youre going to have to wrestle Mickey Mouse to the ground.
Fleschs five-year-old daughter Lily wants to meet all the characters. His nine-year-old son Griffin is in it for the rides. So Flesch, when hes not on the course, goes with Lily. His wife, Lisa, goes with Griffin.
The pro-am format at Disney is one the players have come to appreciate as well. Rather than just a one day pro-am on Wednesday, amateurs get to play Thursday and Friday right along with the TOUR pros. The amateurs have a different partner each day as the pairings feature two pros and two amateurs in every group.
Foursomes move much more quickly than the Wednesday fivesomes found at most Tour stops. And the amateurs leave the weekend to the pros.
We like our format, says tournament director Kevin Weickel. And we have no plans to change it.
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