Road Noise

By Casey BiererMarch 24, 2007, 4:00 pm
Editors Note: Golf Channel business reporter Casey Bierer hits the practice ranges, putting greens and tour trailers of professional golf to speak with company owners, tour reps and players in this new series, Road Noise.
This week, Casey reports recent business and equipment news from the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard.

ODYSSEY / Jon Laws, PGA TOUR Representative
Jon, what kind of year has it been for Odyssey putters so far?
We have had our fastest most successful start this year of probably any year that I can recall. Number one in top ten players, number one in top twenty-five, top fifty and top sixty-five players is Odyssey. More wins, seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths and top tens than any other competitor. So, needless to say, its been good.
Whats the product line-up like out here on TOUR?
The guys like to look at something new from time to time and see how that might fit their stroke, their eye and their game. Weve got some guys who like to look at a very traditional putter like the Rossi 2that putter is eleven years old. Conversely, we have guys that gravitated towards the new Marksman model putter as soon as it was available. Then guys have also moved in to the new Black Series putter as soon as it came out. So these guys out here on TOUR are really all over the place in terms of sticking with what they know and love versus trying all the new stuff that comes along. And really, when you think about it, thats the way it is with the golf population as a wholenot just TOUR players.
Give people a feel for what its like to work out here on TOUR on a weekly basis and try to get putters in the hands of players.
At this level its very, very competitive. There are fourteen putter companies every week. I would say the strongest tool I have out here is good product, versatile productproduct that has the look, feel, quality, insert options versus no insertand Odyssey has all that. That said, I dont think there is any substitution for relationships and trust from the players. They have a limited amount of time to spend with a TOUR rep, and whether that is regarding a driver or a putter, when they do spend the time with you, you want to get it right the first time. You want them to know that you can do anything for them that they want where equipment is concerned and they in turn trust you. So when a player comes to me, that player knows whatever they want they can get and they can get it done right the first time. Thats really key out here.
LAMKIN GRIPS / Bob Lamkin, Jr., President & CEO
Bob, when you come out to a TOUR event what do you expect to get out of it?
Casey, what I look for when I come out on TOUR is to try and identify the needs of the players regarding grips, grip sizing and materials in an effort to accommodate their needs as much as possible. Especially where there are special needs involved.
And Im sure youre always looking to showcase new product as well?
Yes. We have two TOUR reps that are out here most of the year. And actually, we start our initial product development for grip patterns and materials right out here on TOUR. If a new grip is accepted by the TOUR players then we continue the development process and come up with a plan to potentially manufacture and distribute to the consumer.
There is another interesting aspect to you personally coming out on TOUR. You are Bob Lamkin from Lamkin Grips; your name is on the grip. Do players enjoy meeting the person behind the name?
I would like to think they enjoy it. I certainly enjoy meeting and developing relationships with the players. These guys are the best in the world at what they do and I believe we make the worlds best grips. It is a directive of ours this year for me to spend a little more time on TOUR. I havent been out here nearly as much as our professional TOUR repsthe guys we have are on a first name basis with virtually every player that tees it up out here. So it is a bit of a new strategy for me to be out here on TOUR a little bit more often. But you know, at the end of the day its not about me. Its about making sure we are serving the players and their every need and in turn, we learn very valuable things about how to make grips that everyday golfers will enjoy and benefit from.
Can you tell us something about your Michelin deal?
The Michelin situation has moved along quite nicely. We have signed a contract with them ' an exclusive agreement ' Michelin will do the product development on the materials side and the surface patterns and Lamkin will be the sales and marketing arm for Michelin. The first product launch that we have with Michelin is called OCS which stands for Optimized Cell System. This is a surface pattern and material that was used for many years in Formula I racing tires. So, we feel that this is a material advancement that we will want to come to the industry with late this year or in the first quarter of next year. This is the kind or relationship we expect to have with Michelin going forward and I think some wonderful product innovations will come out of it.
SRIXON / Dean Teykl, PGA TOUR Representative
Dean, what do you have going on out on TOUR?
Well, Im getting around OKthanks for asking. Weve got two of the top five players in the world. Henrik Stenson will be out for the next several weeks and we are looking for more outstanding play from him. Jim Furyk will be back out next week and hell be all rested. John Rollins has been playing well. Robert Allenby has moved well up in the world rankings and Tim Clark will be back out next week. So, we kind of have the A-Team playing the next few weeks and were looking for some big things there.
Do your guys pretty well stick to a certain ball in your line once they settle on one, or, do they try different balls in your line?
We dont have any ball switching going on that I can think of right now. Thats not to say for Augusta, for example, they might not try and find a little more spin. But, for the most part, they are set. Their equipment is dialed in for the ball they are playing and so they know exactly what to expect from a shot trajectory standpoint.
From your vantage point, what would you like people to know about Srixon that they might not know?
From a TOUR staff standpoint we tend to stay under the radar a bit simply because of the relative small size of our staff. I think people know our golf balls quite well at this point. But, we are really coming along from an equipment point of view. Certainly, we are known as a golf ball company but our equipment ' our golf clubs ' they are coming along tremendously. We are going to have some product - that currently is only out on TOUR - go to retail later this year. A new set of irons for example will be out later this year. And those irons are coming right off the PGA TOUR and going to golf shops. I would challenge anyone to find a finer made set of irons from any manufacturer anywhere in the world. So were kind of excited about that.
As the guy out on the front line of the PGA TOUR for Srixon, do you take the feedback you get and then communicate that to the R&D guys so they know what direction to go in?
Casey, thats really just about how it works. Our irons and drivers and hybrids, wedges and certainly balls, are being developed with just that strategy in mind. As the game evolves we have to stay on the leading edge of things with the best players in the world out here on the PGA TOUR and as we derive what the players want and need we communicate that back to the R&D guys. They in turn make design decisions that eventually work their way in to products that consumers buy. So what I do out here on TOUR really does have a direct impact on what product Srixon brings to market.
TRUE TEMPER SPORTS / Bob Montgomery, Manager of TOUR Operations
Bob, Epic from Grafalloy (a True Temper Sports company) has been out on TOUR here for a little while now. What type of reaction are you getting from the players?
We launched Epic in Phoenix earlier this year and the response has been very, very positive. Weve had very few negative comments about the shaft. Everybody loves the feel, likes the dispersion characteristics of it and the quality. You know, there are so many good graphite products out here and so we realize that the process of introducing something as revolutionary as Epic is more like running a marathon than running a sprint race. We are behind Epic for the long haul. There has never been another shaft offered with this technology and so we couldnt be more excited by it. Weve had several driver shafts put in play in a relatively short period of time. We just launched a hybrid version of Epic to the TOUR and weve had terrific feedback from that. So, were excited.
When you bring a shaft out on TOUR that has such a sophisticated technology story, are the TOUR players interested in knowing the intricate details of the science behind the shaft or do they just like to hit it and see how it performs?
Most of the players are keyed in on performance issues. Is it better than what I am currently using? That is the question they are always asking. Some of the players like the technical aspect of what differentiates Epic from all other shafts. For example, we have a ping pong ball that is coated in the same material that is prevalent in the shaft. We give the player the ping pong ball and tell them to jump up and down on it and it doesnt crush or crack. Well, thats the same strength to weight ratio story that we have with the Epic shaft. So they get kind of fired up about that because they realize how much stronger the Epic shaft must be while not having to be any heavier.
The players that have tried the product and either reported favorably back to you or put it in play, what do they tell you the shaft feels like?
They tell us it feels like graphite but has the tight dispersion characteristics of steel. And that is very important feedback for us to get because that is exactly what we designed the shaft to do. Almost every player out here who has gotten on a launch monitor, the results from that launch monitor testing supports what the player is telling us he is feeling. We have seen dispersion in drivers tighten up as much as 50% over the dispersion of their gamer graphite driver shaftthe shaft that they currently have in play in competitionand almost every player to a tee has told us the shaft feels just fantastic. If they can hit it straighter and just as far if not a little farther, thats what were looking for.
PING / Steve Zika, PGA TOUR Representative
Mark Wilson gets the win at the Honda Classic. So does he want to keep his equipment status quo at that point or does he look to make changesimprove on what hes got?
Mark is pretty unique in the sense that he probably hasnt changed a golf club in two years. We did get him a new set of irons at the end of last year just to have a fresh set in his bag. But as far as wedges, fairway wood, and driverhes played the same driver for two years. He did however in the off-season get rid of his 3-iron. He put in a Rapture 18-degree hybrid that he replaced the 3-iron with. But as far as him changing equipment over the course of a season, especially now that hes wonthats not Mark. He plays with what got him here.
Is that kind of a nice thing for you guys? It seems like there are a lot of players that change on a dime out here and that must create a lot of work and stress for you.
To only have to worry about adjusting loft and lie or maybe replacing a wedge that has worn outthats definitely a nice thing. We have a few guys like that; guys that dont change much. But, you know, either way were fine with it. It is our job out here on TOUR to make sure our players get whatever they want the way they want it. Because the more comfortable they are and the better they play the better it is for them and for PING and that is what we are all after.
You know I am taking at least some credit for Marks win at Honda because I interviewed him in your tour van when he was getting his lofts and lies checked three weeks before he won and obviously that had a profound impact on his play.
(laughs) Oh, of course, well allow you to take some credit for that. The Golf Channel TV cameras always get the players fired up. But seriously, you can see how important it is that the players get their lofts and lies checked frequently and Mark is pretty good about that. And even amateur golfers ' your viewers and readers at home ' dont take loft and lie for granted. Dont say thats only for better players or TOUR players to worry about. Because proper loft and lie can have a huge impact on ball flight.

RIFE PUTTERS / Pat Sellers, PGA TOUR Representative
Pat, you guys have quite the presence out on the CHAMPIONS TOUR. How are things going for you out here on the PGA TOUR?
First of all, Casey, you need some sunscreen my friend. You are frying out here. But, that aside, we are doing fantastic out here. Weve had an incredible week. Weve had four more players that have tested the putter out here this week and the feedback is excellent. I think they are really starting to understand the benefits of the grooveswhat the grooves are all aboutand each week we seem to be picking up a couple more guys who want to play the putter.
How does it work for you out here? I mean, your relationship with the players runs pretty deep. Do you approach players to try the putter or do they come over to you here on the putting green and start rolling putts?
It works both ways. If I know a player really well and I know what kind of putter that player likes Ill take a model that is similar in style in our line to what the player is currently playing, make it to his specs, and then give it to him out on the practice green and say, Hey, while youre practicing, hit a couple of putts with this and give me some feedback on this. And when he does putt with it, because the putter is an excellent putter and its already made to his specs, they usually say, Pat, this is pretty darn good. Being only a two-year old company out here many players havent been exposed to it yet. But, were making good headway I can assure you of that.
What is the story with the pink putter? Why a pink putter on the PGA TOUR?
Well, they brought that in to the line as a ladies putter. But, a couple of the CHAMPIONS TOUR guys got a hold of it and put it in play. And the next thing you know a couple of guys out here were asking about it. So, I figured I better have a couple of pink putters out here. And to tell you the truth, I get more fun comments from the players out here about that pink putter than just about anything else. Its a RIFE Two Bar but its pink. Just about every caddie out here has either grabbed one or asked me to put one aside. So, thats pretty fun.
WILSON STAFF / Ron Graham, PGA TOUR Representative
Whats going on with Wilson Staff and your tour operations?
We signed a new player this year, D.J. Trahan. D.J. won the Southern Farm Bureau Classic last year. Hes a young player out here on TOUR, in his third season, and we are very excited he has joined our staff. D.J. plays some of our newer equipment and we are looking for a bright year from him.
And, of course, Padraig Harrington is always a factor wherever he tees it up.
The great thing for us about Padraig for us this year is he is using our newest driver, the Dd6 Plus. He has had a great start to the year just like he does every year. Padraig is an amazing world stage player - consistently ranked in the top ten in the world ' he seems to just get better and better every year. I would be very surprised not to see Padraig win multiple times out here this year and hopefully get that first major.
Ron, it used to be that Wilson had one of the two largest professional golf staffs in the worldrunning neck and neck with MacGregor. Your worldwide staff is still quite large but your U.S. staff is now quite small.
Well, Casey, thats right. We have one American player right now on the PGA TOUR in D.J. Trahan. We have quite a few players on staff worldwide. And those worldwide players drive a tremendous amount of business for us overseas. But, you know, the PGA TOUR is a pretty expensive stage to play on these days so I think we move carefully in that regard. But, you know, Padraig Harrington is a wonderful player to have associated with the Wilson Staff brand and he helps us with exposure all around the world including the United States.
What irons is Padraig playing?
Padraig is still using our Pi5 iron, an iron he actually had a lot of input in designing. It is a performance blade type iron with cavity back perimeter weighting benefits. Its a high performance iron for the better players but the perimeter weighting helps them when they hit it just slightly off-center. Not that professional golfers hit it off-center that often. But when they do, they like to know the ball is going to fly just about the same distance as when they flush it. And this is the model iron the great majority of our staff players play around the world.
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McIlroy, Rahm betting co-favorites after Open Round 1

By Will GrayJuly 19, 2018, 10:10 pm

They're both three shots off the lead, but after starting The Open with rounds in the 60s Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm are now betting co-favorites to lift the claret jug at Carnoustie.

McIlroy is four years removed from his Open triumph at Royal Liverpool, while Rahm remains in search of his first major title. Both carded rounds of 2-under 69 in Scotland to sit three shots off the lead of Kevin Kisner. While McIlroy started the tournament at 16/1 and Rahm at 20/1, they're now dead even at 10/1 in updated odds at the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook.

Kisner started the week at 200/1, but after an opening-round 66 he's quickly been trimmed to 25/1. Tony Finau sits one shot behind Kisner and is now listed behind only McIlroy and Rahm at 12/1 after starting the tournament at 60/1.

On the other side of the coin, consensus pre-tournament betting favorite Dustin Johnson fell from 12/1 to 100/1 following an opening 76 while Masters champ Patrick Reed shot a 4-over 75 to plummet from 30/1 to 200/1. Trailing by five shots following an opening-round 71, Tiger Woods' odds remained unchanged at 25/1 as he seeks a 15th career major title.

Here's a look at the revised betting odds heading into the second round at Carnoustie:

10/1: Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm

12/1: Tony Finau

14/1: Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler

20/1: Francesco Molinari

25/1: Tiger Woods, Alex Noren, Henrik Stenson, Kevin Kisner

30/1: Jordan Spieth, Zach Johnson, Tommy Fleetwood, Justin Rose, Brooks Koepka

40/1: Ryan Moore, Jason Day

50/1: Erik Van Rooyen, Brandon Stone, Matt Kuchar

60/1: Danny Willett, Thomas Pieters, Marc Leishman, Thorbjorn Olesen, Russell Henley, Matthew Southgate

80/1: Webb Simpson, Adam Scott, Patrick Cantlay, Brendan Steele, Kevin Na

100/1: Dustin Johnson, Zander Lombard, Sung Kang, Paul Casey, Louis Oosthuizen, Xander Schauffele, Chris Wood, Pat Perez, Luke List, Charley Hoffman

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Despite 78, Lincicome savors PGA Tour experience

By Randall MellJuly 19, 2018, 9:41 pm

Two bad holes derailed Brittany Lincicome in her historic start Thursday at the Barbasol Championship, but they couldn’t wipe the smile off her face afterward.

It might have been the most fun she ever had shooting a 78.

Lincicome joined Babe Zaharias, Shirley Spork, Annika Sorenstam, Suzy Whaley and Michelle Wie as the only women to tee it up in a PGA Tour event when she striped her opening tee shot down the middle Thursday at Keene Trace Golf Club in Nicholasville, Ky.

A double bogey at her ninth hole and a triple at her 16th might have spoiled her chances at joining Zaharias as the only women to make a 36-hole cut in a PGA Tour event, but it didn’t spoil her experience.

“I did what I wanted to do, with having fun,” Lincicome said. “I think I nailed that part pretty well.

“I love playing with the guys. It's so much fun, being inside the ropes with them. Hopefully, I can get a good one tomorrow.”

Lincicome, 32, held her own for 16 holes, playing them in 1 over par, but those two big numbers left her tied for last place when she signed her scorecard, though other players remained on the course.

At 6 over, Lincicome is 13 shots behind the leader, probably seven or eight shots off the projected cut line, but she savored the experience. She arrived wanting to inspire young girls to dream big, and to bring some extra attention to a title sponsor who means so much to her. She represents Pure Silk, part of the Barbasol family.

Sam Ryder, who joined Conrad Shindler playing alongside Lincicome, was impressed with the way Lincicome carried herself.

“I would play with her every day if she wanted to,” said Ryder, who opened with a 68. “She's just a great person.

“Even though I know she's probably a little disappointed with her final score, she had a smile on her face all day.”

Lincicome, an eight-time LPGA winner, made her first birdie at her 12th hole, dropping a 30-foot putt, but she wasn’t happy with her putter much of the day. She missed three other good birdie chances, a 4-footer at her eighth hole, an 8-footer at her 10th and a 12-footer at the last.

“Pretty happy with my game overall,” Lincicome said. “I had two bad holes, but I drove it well. I did all the things I said I needed to do, but my putter let me down today.”

After piping her first drive, Lincicome opened with three consecutive pars.

“I was actually calmer than I thought I was going to be,” she said. “I thought I was going to be a nervous wreck. After the first tee shot, I was pretty happy that I found the fairway.”

Lincicome said Ryder and Shindler made her feel welcome. So did the crowds.

“It was great,” she said. “I could feel the energy of the crowd support me. Every time I hit a good driver or good shot, they would cheer for me, which was great.

“Conrad and Sam were so nice. I couldn't have asked for a better pairing. They were very welcoming, and we were interacting, they were asking me questions, and it was great.”

On Tuesday, Lincicome said a key to her play would be hitting fairways. She did that, hitting 10 of 14, but she was taking in longer clubs than she does in LPGA events, with Keene Trace set up at 7,168 yards. That’s 600 yards longer than she played last week at the LPGA’s Marathon Classic, where she finished second. She hit just 8 greens in regulation in this PGA Tour start.

Lincicome is nicknamed “Bam Bam.” She is one of the LPGA’s longest drivers, but she was typically 30 to 40 yards behind Ryder and Shindler after hitting her driver. She averaged 259 yards per drive, Ryder 289 yards.

“She had a couple birdie putts that she could have made,” Ryder said. “If she made a couple of those, might've been a little bit different, just to get a little bit of momentum. Who knows?”

Lincicome’s biggest challenges were the par 3s.

At the 18th, playing 195 yards, she mis-hit her tee shot, knocking it in the water, short of the green. She took a penalty, moved up to a forward tee, dropped and hit into a right greenside bunker. She got up and down from there for a 5.

At the seventh, playing 198 yards, she missed wild right and deep. From a tough spot in the rough, she left her pitch short of the green. She chipped her third past the hole and to the fringe, where she took three putts from 20 feet.

Afterward, Lincicome wasn’t dwelling on the bad shots. She was focused on going to sign autographs for all the fans waiting for her, including all the little girls who came out to see her.

“I need to go back over there and sign,” she said. “Any time I can influence a child, especially a girl, obviously I want to get them involved with the LPGA, as much as possible.”

Her overall assessment of her day?

“It was a great experience,” she said.

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Watch: Full replays of The Open coverage

By Golf Channel DigitalJuly 19, 2018, 8:55 pm

NBC Sports and Golf Channel are showcasing nearly 50 hours of live coverage of the 147th Open. Missed anything? Well, you can catch up right here. Click on the links below for replays from Carnoustie, broken down into daily segments:

Thursday, Day 1 (Times ET)

Noon-4PM (Watch): Tiger Woods was up and down in the afternoon, as winds picked up a little and no one could catch Kevin Kisner. Click here or on the image below to watch. Also, click here to watch the full replay of the early marquee group: Woods, Russell Knox and Hideki Matsuyama.

1:30-8:25AM (Watch): Defending champion Jordan Spieth got off to a good start, while Kevin Kisner (66) set the early pace. Click here or on the image below to watch. Also, click here to watch the full replay of the early marquee group: Rickie Fowler, Jon Rahm and Chris Wood.

Getty Images

Knox relishes round with 'mythical figure' Woods

By Ryan LavnerJuly 19, 2018, 8:48 pm

CARNOUSTIE, Scotland – Russell Knox was expecting the worst and hoping for the best Thursday at The Open.

Playing with Tiger Woods tends to have that effect.

The native Scot received a treat earlier this week when he saw his name on the tee sheet alongside his boyhood idol, Woods.

“Felt good out there, but obviously my swing, it was just like I had too much tension,” Knox said after an opening 73. “I just wasn’t letting it go as normal. First round with Tiger, I expected to feel a little bit different. The way I felt was better than the way I swung.”

Knox said that he was nervous playing alongside Woods, a player he’d only encountered on the range. “He’s almost like a mythical figure,” he said.

But after a while, he settled into the rhythm of the round at Carnoustie.

Full-field scores from the 147th Open Championship

Full coverage of the 147th Open Championship

“I thought it would be worse,” he said, “I feel like I should know what I’m doing. It’s cool playing with Tiger, but I’ve got to get over that. I’m here to win, not just enjoy my walk around the course.”

Knox probably had more interaction with Woods than he anticipated, if only because the third member of the group, Japan’s Hideki Matsuyama, keeps to himself because of the language barrier.

“It’s kind of a blur,” Knox said. “It’s like, Oh, I’m chatting away with Tiger here like normal. I don’t even remember what I was saying.”

There have been countless stories from this year as the next generation of players – guys who grew up watching Woods dominate the sport – get paired with Woods for the first time.

It was no less special for Knox on Thursday.

“It’s nice for him to say things like that,” Woods said, “and we enjoyed playing with each other. Hopefully we’ll play a little bit better tomorrow.”