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8 Ways to Compete Like a Gladiator

Do you consider yourself a good competitor? Top performers tend to be great competitors regardless of talent or experience. The word compete can be viewed either positively or negatively. Competitiveness can certainly be taken too far creating an atmosphere where the enjoyment is taken out of the game and there are many performers who sabotage their own efforts this way. Over competitors can literally sabotage their own efforts to perform well. People often think the competition is out there somewhere but the truth is:
Your toughest competition is and always will beYOU!
Whether you are in sports, business or any other arena of life, there is always the personal challenge of overcoming your own blocks and subtle forms of self-sabotage. In this waywe all compete.
Becoming a great competitor is a learned skill. Learning to compete can carry you through the down or tough times and take you to the top when applied properly. You wont always perform well or win but you can ALWAYS BE A GREAT COMPETITOR.
In the Oscar winning movie Gladiator Russell Crowe portrayed the life of a once high-ranking Roman general who was reduced to a slave by a new and corrupt emperor of Rome. He experienced incredible hardships and challenges in his life yet demonstrated a number of characteristics that struck me to be signs of a great competitor as well as characteristics of the highest personal level. Ive identified some of them here for your review. Read them over and see if there are any on this list that you could begin building into your own life or game. If so, write them on a 3 x 5 card and take it with you as a reminder of the state of mind and emotional resilience you want to reproduce.
The 8 Traits Of A Great Competitor:
(The key message is in bold)


Strength of character and conviction - - An honorable person dedicated and committed to your purpose, plan and path
Are you living or playing out your purpose or your plan? Great performers identify a strong purpose, set out a plan and become committed to the path building character along the way.


Passion - - Giving fully of your emotion and motivation to the game you play
Top performers offer all of themselves to the performance not playing on their heels or playing not to lose. Give of all of your emotion and passions when doing what you enjoy no matter what game you choose to play.

Integrity - - Unwavering ability to do what is right and necessary regardless of what is seen as right or acceptable by others. True to yourself
Champions stand in the shadow of their performances taking full responsibility for their actions. They know what they can do and what they cannot do at any moment and stay true to themselves along the way.

Patience - - Regardless of the situation: being patient enough to work through it realizing you create your own response to situations.
Someone once said, The best way outis through! Top performers understand that each event has a natural ebb and flow to it. Patience allows them to remain clear minded, see opportunities when they arise and use them to their advantage.


Vulnerability - - Unafraid to feel and express a range of emotion. Be real!
Top performers arent afraid to make mistakes or fail. They are free to express themselves as part of giving fully to the game. They are not concerned about how they look to others. Their passion and desire triggers higher levels of performance. Use your emotions to perform better!

Present Moment Focus - - Not resisting whats happening in the moment can save you a tremendous amount of energy! This is the ability to accept current circumstances and remain focused on the now. You become a Solution maker!
Champions know the only moment that exists is THIS one! They are better able to see what is happening and use their mental keys to create solutions instead of more problems.

Trust / Faith - - Believing in yourself and the bigger picture enough to give fully here and now. Not getting negatively swayed by one moment or event!
Top performers have a deeper sense of faith and trust. They realize that keeping the bigger picture in mind allows them to stay on track and not be swayed by momentary disappointments or temporary setbacks. The power of next time

Fearlessness - - Acknowledging the possibility of defeat, neither expecting nor fearing it (in other wordsPLAY FULL OUT!)
This is a BIG one! Champions are able to put themselves on the line more than others because they accept the possibility of defeat more than others. The Gladiator accepted death as part of battle neither inviting it nor running from it. They accept the paradox that says, By accepting the possibility of defeat, you diminish the fear of it. Notice how much you may be holding on and trying too hard. If youre holding onyoure holding back. Its frustrating and a waste of your good energy. Play your game full out and realize the freedom that comes with accepting all possible outcomes ahead of time. Its one of the many performance paradoxes. Understand the paradox and you can play FULL OUT!
Simply remembering these qualities can trigger a change in the way you think, feel and act. These are all qualities that can help you release the great competitor in you. How do you feel when you read them? If any of them move youput them on a 3 x 5 card and take it on the course! Notice the changes it can make in your physical and emotional presence!
Compete Like A Gladiator!
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