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The Bounce Counts

This years upcoming US Open at Oakmont is filled with some intriguing stories that will indicate once again how important the ability to bounce back is. The ability to bounce back is called different things in the world of Sports Psychology and Peak Performance. Phrases such as, handling adversity, overcoming obstacles and recovery skills are often used but no matter what phrase you like best; they all mean the same thing. They describe your ability to bounce back from any kind of adversity or negativity; even if you create it yourself!
What will happen this year at the Open? Nobody knows for sure and thats what makes it an interesting four days of golf. Who will bounce best?
Tiger Woods is returning to play in the US Open after a sub par performance last year. Last year he returned to golf after a nine week layoff due to the passing of his father. By his own admission, Tiger says he was not ready to play that year. How will he bounce back in this years Open? Hes gone from grieving son to elated first time father-to-be and his life will soon move through another dramatic change.
Phil Mickelson is coming off a very recent wrist injury which knocked him out of the Memorial tournament after only 11 holes played last week. Just weeks ago, Phil changed swing coaches/mentors from long time mentor Rick Smith to Butch Harmon and is entering his first US Open under Harmons watchful eye. How will Phil bounce in this years Open? There are many potential bounce stories to be had this year and we will soon find out how it plays out.
The quality to bounce back is a universal one. Everyone who has tasted success in any arena of life has learned to bounce back from something. All the greats in golf were great at it. Nicklaus, Palmer, Woods, Faldo, Hogan, Sorenstam, Lopez, Whitworth and so many others learned to exhibit the ability to bounce from the negative to the positive. It doesnt matter what your handicap is; your ability to bounce will keep you on the path of optimism and faith.
Here are two suggestions to develop a great bounce in your game:
Choose to be Optimistic
I often hear people say, That sounds nice but how do I do it? The answer isnt pretty or glamorous. The answer is you simply CHOOSE to do it. Its not a habit that you have to be born into or have a lot of luck in developing. Its simply a choice to be optimistic regardless of present circumstances and great performers learn to make that choice no matter what is going on
Big Picture Thinking
The people I know who have the most difficult time with a productive bounce are the ones who limit their thinking. They get caught up in one situation or outcome and it becomes their entire focus. When you remember the big picture you will widen your mind and therefore expand your possibilities. This cannot be done when your mind is limited in its scope while focusing on the negative such as fear, doubt and poor future projections.
Lets all see where things bounce this year!
To Your Best Golf!
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