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Chasing Your Own Dream

Everyone has a dream of some kind whether its spoken or not. As a golfer you have your own dream in mind. Whether its breaking 100, breaking 80, winning your club championship, making the high school team or earning your PGA tour card and playing with the best players in the worlda dream is a dream.
Mike Weir wanted to win the Masters. Wayne Gretzky wanted to win Stanley Cups. Tiger Woods wanted to be the best player in the world.
There are many dreams, some fulfilled and some not. There are terrific athletes who do not achieve their ultimate dreams. The NHL has fantastic players whove never won a Stanley Cup. The NFL has great players whove never been to a Super Bowl. The PGA and LPGA are made up of fantastic golfers whove either never won a tour event or never won a Major (i.e. Phil Mickelson). Does this mean they arent great performers? No. Not every dream will be realized.
People go about chasing their dreams in a number of wayssometimes actually going in circles like the dog chasing his or her tail because it can see it out of the corner of his or her eye! Dont spin yourself in circles.
Here are 8 guidelines to consider when chasing your own dream.
1. Make sure the dream is yours!
Make sure the dream is really yours and not someone elses hope for you. It needs to be something that drives you from within you otherwise it may be much harder to reach or less satisfying when you do reach it. Want it because it means something to you.
2. Know that it is ok to chase your dream!
This may sound simple but many people have reservations about chasing their own dreams. You have the right and the obligation to do so! You DONT have the right to cheat yourself from following your dream and expressing your talents along the way. You deserve it and everyone else deserves to see it! Dont stall your way to your dream; charge forward toward it.
3. Know that the chase is really your own journey
In running for your dream, it is important that the journey is more important than the end dream itself. Keep the dream in mind but focus on the day-to-day journey. Who you become on the journey is more important than the end of the journey itself. You may become stronger, more aware, more persistent, courageous, tolerant and accepting of yourself and others. Who you become on the way is what is most important. Some will and some will not reach the ultimate dream but the honor, integrity and ethic of chasing it will last a lifetime.
4. Expect challenges on the journey
Each journey has its own unique set of challenges, setbacks and failures. One is never failing if they at least making the effort. Its the truest indication that you are moving toward something. Your setbacks are always guideposts to step back and evaluate where you are what needs to be done. They are natural and expected events on the way. Dont be surprised, welcome them and use them!
5. Enjoy the chase!
Enjoyment is a pre-requisite of the chase. If you are struggling and fighting along the way, you have made reaching the dream more important than the journey itself. Trust that your efforts, along with those who share your dream will propel your forward. Put yourself in the best position to succeed. Set up your environment, bring people around you who will inspire you and propel you forward.
6. Dont compare yourself to others
This is difficult for many people to do. Its too easy to slip into the trap of comparison to others chasing the same or similar dream. Your dream is yours. Where others are on their dream chase has nothing to do with you. The more you compare to others, the more distance you put between you and your dream.
7. Feel your dream
Get connected to the feelings your dream creates within you. Is it excitement, the feeling of accomplishment, overcoming, courage, persistence, etc.? Each dream means something because of how it makes us feel. This is why we chase it in the first place. Its not for the trophy or the money; its for how it makes us feel when accomplishing it. Identify what that is and look at it daily.
8. Monitor and Track your own progress
It is important to monitor, track and evaluate where you are every day. The Wired To Win program uses 9 Habits of Success and evaluating yourself on your daily habits and outcomes keeps you closer to the path taking you towards your dream. It acts as a guide and template for your success.
Enjoy the journey!
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